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It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I write here. And for those who may be thought that I died (lol) or I stopped translating, it’s not the case. It’s just that in this period, I just can find even one or … Continue reading

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Madan vol 13 Chapter 3

No comment in particular to do here, except that here’s the promised Chapter 3. TLCer: dragon1412 Editor: dualxblades Enjoy it.  

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I’m back!!

Sorry for not having written a short notice informing you all that I was really busy these last months. There were so many things I had to do that I didn’t even have the time to post the chapter 3 … Continue reading

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Madan vol 13 Chapter 2

Again sorry for the delay. I just have a few things to say. Thanks of a russian friend of mine, I changed Alsin to Arshin as it’s a Russian unit of length equal to 28 inches (71 cm) (see more) … Continue reading

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Saijaku vol 3 Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay. As you all know, there’re always many problems in RL, so…… I have no much to say, so without further ado, enjoy the chapter. TLCer: dragon1412 Editors: DigitalAK27, Killsacred, Aardvark. Here is it: Chapter 3.

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The novel chosen

I’ve decided to close the poll. Based on the results, Seiken Tsukai no World Break won.So as promised, I’ll take it. But, as I said, I’ll begin its translation after the end of Madan (the end of the series, I … Continue reading

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The novel you wish to see translated

Sorry to bring this up again, but I decided to re-take Almaine as many people avdvise me not to let it to Yamette. I don’t have any problems with him, but his translations are apparently catastrophic; which is the reason … Continue reading

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