Saijaku vol 3 Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay. As you all know, there’re always many problems in RL, so……

I have no much to say, so without further ado, enjoy the chapter.

TLCer: dragon1412

Editors: DigitalAK27, Killsacred, Aardvark.

Here is it: Chapter 3.

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10 Responses to Saijaku vol 3 Chapter 3

  1. drake181 says:

    When are you planning to release madan

  2. Mark says:

    Thank you for your work~

  3. am23 says:

    how many chapter are there for this volume?

  4. amit34521 says:

    will you add chapters to Baka-Tsuki????

  5. helloworld says:

    will you finish madan 13 before translating the next chapter?

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