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Long overdue explanation for the delay

Hello it’s Yascob, the guy who was supposed to edit Gakusen 6. Obviousy the first thing to say would be I’m really sorry about delaying the editing of Gakusen Volume 6. I have reasons but it takes quite a bit … Continue reading

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Hi everybody, so while I’m editing Gakusen atm I’m putting up this notice since people keep asking. The schedule for what comes next is this currently: – GAKUSEN Vol 6-7 – MADAN Vol 11 Then it’s either SAIJAKU* or who … Continue reading

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Really, sorry for the long delay

I would like to apologize to all readers. Actually, I intended to post the edited chapters of Gakusen volume 6 this week. But, from about two weeks, I haven’t received any notification of the editor in charge of Gakusen, so I … Continue reading

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The editor for Saijaku muhai no Bahamut

Hello everyone I am the newest editor for setsuna’s army of avid blog refresh clickers. I am currently a Canadian student studying psychology in a University, and you might remember me from a post or two ago that I was the … Continue reading

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Something Nice.

I’ll make this short. I found this relatively new blog that been TLing Chinese light novels, one of them being Zhan Long, which has a webtoon adaption as well. Zhan Long is about Li Xao Yao a security guard who … Continue reading

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