1. deril says:

    firstime . . . I can’t wait to read this vol . . . kussoga

  2. Takatathien says:

    Lol, Regin sure works fast. Can’t let her man get away again now, can’t she?

  3. Blahto Blahtoto says:

    If that guy from the last pic is Leondhart then I can smell him getting one of the girls, I mean his name is f*cking Leondhart…

  4. Best Girl Never Wins says:

    >that second to last pic
    >he catches it with his teeth.
    Even the illustrator knew to make it two pages long. Damn, this new artist is amazing.

    Also, if this goes with the same pattern as before, that last handsome man will be a bro among bros to Tigre, with better chemistry and character dynamics together than all the Vanadises combined.

    Why the hell is Elen main girl again? She’s as bland as they come.

    • dragonosman2 says:

      Well, I still Ellen, though. I don’t know about her being bland. But don’t worry . . . since this series is apparently based off of the story called the Black King and the Seven Queens, in which the main character, the Black King, marries women who become seven queens, there’s a chance that Tigre, the King of the Magic Bullet, will marry all seven Vanadis. But yeah, it’s true that even then, since Tigre loves Ellen, she’ll always stay as his number one.

  5. noodlez0000 says:

    Hello. Here it is my edit of double page of tigre and regin

  6. TheLaG says:

    New Girl looks good 🙂
    Kinda interesting, why @ picture Elen looks so pissed up 😀

  7. ratbunuts says:

    Yes! I can’t wait to read this. New girl looks quite nice and feisty.

  8. space invaders says:

    tigre is so hot! in this vol

  9. Sabaddon says:

    Tigre has become a serious badass in this volume going by the pictures. Can’t wait to see this new Vanadis in action

  10. kcz117 says:

    Mein Gott! Too much good stuff! New girl looks smoking, hilarity ensues with Elen and Valentina, Regin being bold, and Tigre being a badass, can’t wait to read it! ❤

    Seriously, though, that new girl stole my heart with those illustrations ❤

  11. Ashuramaru says:

    Will there be a PDF version released after all of the edits? Just curious.

    Thanks for all of the work!

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