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Done. Time to sleep.

Chp 1 is done being edited and has been sent to Setsuna, been a while since I made a post so long story short…..for the foreseeable future  I’m guessing release speed will probably take around this amount of time or … Continue reading

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Web novel chosen

My friend has decided to translate Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari (web novel). He’ll do it whenever he’ll have time, so you can consider as a teaser project here. Hope you’ll like it. By the way, this wb novel has been … Continue reading

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Reason for the slow translation

These days, I’m so busy in RL that I barely have time to progress with the translation. That’a why the status bar hasn’t changed since many days. But don’t worry, the translation is progressing (at slow pace though, i.e., at … Continue reading

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Its a another update!

So the guy I brought over quit. He did not even end up finishing one chapter so I guess its going to be a single Gundam that’ll keep this spaceship afloat (People who understand Setsuna’s name will understand). Anyways here … Continue reading

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