Reason for the slow translation

These days, I’m so busy in RL that I barely have time to progress with the translation. That’a why the status bar hasn’t changed since many days. But don’t worry, the translation is progressing (at slow pace though, i.e., at least two pages a day before sleeping).

I also want to say that after Madan vol 12 will be the translation of Saijaku vol 3, 4 and 5 (even if Madan vol 13 is released betweentimes). There are many readers who are asking for it after all, and I can’t let them wait any longer.

BTW, I have a friend, who would like to translate a web novel (one with short chapters preferably). It’d be a big help if you readers have any suggestion of a web novel not yet in translation to give him.

So that’s it, good day to you readers.

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  2. JackODope says:

    Yomigaeri no Maou. This one was good, was translated by infinite novel translations, but later dropped.

    • SigFig says:

      Are you fucking serious?? The plot advancing slow and in my opinion too much useless information to the point i think the author about to describe the dirt covering a roadside pebble. And finally the LN illustrations devoured a part of my soul!! Cursed thing.

      In the end just an opinion of the novel from my perspective. Sometimes ya gotta rant. Now i feel like estelion gonna roast my ass for this…

  3. Jedi says:

    ^Lol Nice to hear we will be getting a ton Saijaku.

  4. Make your friend translate Vermillion朱き強弓のエトランジェ. The chapters aren’t exactly small but it’s a great novel worth the time.

  5. Valter says:

    Finally Saijaku ! Thanks a lot

  6. Eragon says:

    well, first of all thank you very very much Setsuna for all your hard work, we leechers are very grateful.
    But……………… noooooooo why drop madan priority 😥

    Oh and by the way you used to have epub/pdf page with no links if I remember right. I dont know why you took it off but if you need someone to do pdf/epub to your translations just email me:

    • Chingaruna517 says:

      Well as a fellow Vanadis fan, I also find the slow pace somewhat disappointing since me and Valkyrious are already dealing the wikia, meaning the Melisande’s Uprising Arc is still served as hold and still going to be the admin priority. By the time Vol.13, Vol. 14 or even until Vol. 20 is on the bookstore bookshelves, we-the wikia admin- would more likely to go ahead than the translators in speculating the incoming arcs. Regardless, I understand Sentsuna’s situation since I also chasing after my college deadlines too. Its really such a pain to the neck when you are sandwiched by pressure.

      By the way, thanks for the hard work and the heads up Sentsuna. We would hope to see more upcoming works. On the Vanadis wikia behalf, we wish you luck . Then again, whenever happened to DualXblades?

      • setsuna86 says:

        Thanks! And dualxblades probably have to deal with RL problems

      • dualxblades says:

        I’m still alive but I’ve been getting butt fucked lately; first month of University and I got an exam at the end of the month already.. Talk about being dealt a shit hand, gotta make do with what life gives you I guess.

      • Chingaruna517 says:

        Well, good to know because me and and Valkyrious are getting worry for the further delays. I am surely understand the pain of the exam since memorizing is a rush….

      • Valkyrious says:

        At least you notify us for this since we’re worrying over weeks DualxBlades. Well, it can’t be helped anyway, at least we got time to update more that is going to be more coming such as editing manga, updating some story, etc.

        But new updates are our top priority so hopefully october you will be done through exam, our time is short here and at least we have around two to three months left before a pile of Madan Vol 13 start up and running again.

      • DigitalAK27 says:

        AHAHHAHAHAHHA, I just finished a essay and need to study for an exam on Monday!

  7. ISE says:

    Think Magi’s grandson might be a web novel he maybe interested in (it currently in Japtem translation group but hasn’t really updated for 50 days

  8. sliding touch says:

    setsucchi you translation quality is quite good, waiting a bit for them alright at last for me. Take your time stressing you over it till you have to stop would be a huge loss for all of us leechers and noone want that.

  9. M4rc0sReis. says:

    we can recommend a novel that was dropped?
    the first translator did until chapter 5 of the first arc but dropped it a few years back.
    the next one did until chapter 2 of arc 2 and then dropped, we don’t have any news about him for months already.
    the novel is Kaettekite mo fantasy!?—||—When I Returned Home, what I Found is Fantasy!?
    link :

  10. All Night says:

    This is normal when the students go back to school. More than half the translations I follow are dead (33 months or more) or slowed to a crawl.

  11. Valkyrious says:

    Setsuna, can you ask Dual Blades for chapter 1? Somehow the delay was too long from schedule..

  12. frozendeva says:

    Much Joy, thanx for upping the wait time on Saijaku

  13. Chingaruna517 says:

    Well, considering the how real life works I understand the tremendous pressure since I am also going to catch up the homework during my college years. I’m apologize if my comment consists some rants you might not wanna hear, but by the time you did resume in translating the Vanadis series, the wikia admins (meaning myself or Valkyrious) might even deciding to go on ahead for new upcoming arcs without the translation, which would consequently providing the works misleading info. The Melisande’s Uprising Arc is already not updated for far too long. Nevertheless, thanks for the hard work for everything. We just hope you not to give in the pressure.

    • setsuna86 says:

      I don’t mind it. You can go ahead.

      • Chingaruna517 says:

        @setsuna86 Hello here, just to let ya know that Volume 13’s teaser illustrations has already posted on the official light novel website, and we-the Vanadis Wikia- has decided to name that next arc as the Moonlight Knights’s Defeat Arc (its a bit too early for making such decision because we don’t have full plot, but summary is pretty much explains it, heck we may not even know when will it ends).

      • setsuna86 says:

        You name the next arc as “the Moonlight Knights’s Defeat Arc”? Which means that you suppose they will lose the war in volume 13? Since I don’t think they lost the battle against Sachstein at the end of volume 12.

      • Chingaruna517 says:

        Actually, that is a teaser tittle for the next arc (me and Valkyrious might going to discuss the working title since the book is not out yet, and I was too rushed to add the tittle of the arc) but we haven’t decide which should we entitled yet.

        Accordance from the official site’s (Media Factory JP, btw) preview summary, the Moonlight Knights were indeed defeated by Greast Army’s ambush after their victory against Sachstein Army. The shocker? Elen is captured by Greast, and Tigre himself is lost and had to fight against an unknown enemy. Sorry if I spoils a little but that all I know about it. Hope you take note just in case if you resume in translating the Vanadis series.

        P.S.: Instead of war, I believed that Greast Army is taking advantages onto the exhausted Moonlight Knights…..

  14. hyddty says:

    thanks for your hard work setsuna 🙂 we dont mind waiting for the translation at all so dont worry

  15. Shurukkah says:

    Cool, but what about asterisk?

  16. Shurukkah says:

    Also, out of novels Konjiki no wordmaster lacks translators.

  17. Jeff says:

    I’m really happy about Bahamut getting some love since its been far too long. In regards to Madan we will just patiently wait just as we have for Bahamut 🙂

  18. Equa' says:

    It’s ok, RL has top priority after all, I’m already thankful for all your hard work. Good luck with RL’s stuff dude.

    Btw, I’m sorry if it’s too much to ask but could you please post the rest of Gakusen vol.7 on the B-T during your free time? Thanks again.

  19. Hellblaser says:

    thanks for translating Saijaku

  20. vizz says:

    This is my first comment in this blog so beforehand i want to thank you setsuna and the others for translating, editing and proofreading all the light novels that we love like seriously i have fallen in love with gakusen that i need to keep me busy doing homework or playing soccer and well if you want webnovels check the next link maybe you will find something good to translate.

  21. GOOD GUY says:

    Saijaku… At last. But RL always comes first!

  22. chrno89 says:

    setsuna thx for translating amazing novel for us , btw if can ask your friend to translate the gate series , it been drop out from baka-tsuki so i really hope i can read it

  23. babbo3d says:

    Shinka no mi it was started than dropped and pick up again but stopped is a shame because is one of the funniest web novels with a awesome main character plus the main heroine is a gorilla.

  24. Awesome says:

    Shinka no Mi needs translations. It was dropped and is on chapter 13.

  25. anonnz says:

    Rl comes first I know how it is for rl to get in the way of stuff and kick your ass (currently dealing it with myself >.<)but anyway thanks again for all your hard work.

    As for a suggestion … ah don't have one (wish I did) so all I can hope whatever you choose from the other suggestions it has great characters and if it has romance it actually progresses and no ntr I avoid that crap like the plague

  26. Cream says:

    It’s good to see some updates and news coming from you Setsuna. I usually ignore posts that are not coming from you.
    Anyway… thanks for considering Saijaku after Madan. I was really concerned about someone here stating his/her friend or something was going to take over translating Saijaku. I was worried but good thing you’re going to TL it again. Your translations really are the best. Thank you and good luck.

  27. Acid says:

    Saijaku!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. zhen says:

    So we need to wait till volume 3,4,5 bahamut to complete before new volume of Asterisk? and thank for the hard work.

  29. God Ginrai says:

    I don’t mind the slower translation speed. I can wait. 🙂 I am sad to hear that Madan will be dropping in translation priority after this volume, tho’. :\

    • Chingaruna517 says:

      I feel yer pain, since the Vanadis series is indeed one of the highly demanded series. I like European history for a fact.

  30. Aleister says:

    I are so much happy setsuna-sama, i like you translation of saijaku, even i have for my group TL in spanish for translated the novel at spanish whit you translations, really thanks!

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