Its a another update!

So the guy I brought over quit. He did not even end up finishing one chapter so I guess its going to be a single Gundam that’ll keep this spaceship afloat (People who understand Setsuna’s name will understand). Anyways here is the translation schedule.


And if a another Vanadis comes out that will take priority.

Other than that the Gakusen anime is coming out soon this season and my sources tell me it will be 22 episodes long. Furthermore I’m wondering if I should make a video review of the series when its done, tell me what you guys think, I always wanted to do one.

I know not a lot have been updated but we all started school again and unfortunate events been occurring around translation team. Just hold on a bit longer and all the chapters and books will be done before you guys know it!


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23 Responses to Its a another update!

  1. kyosukedei says:

    I just want Tigre to get some already…

  2. I just want Lux to kick ass already…

  3. I can wait for bahamut… hahaha. Take your time!

  4. Valkyrious says:

    Any words from Dual Blades? We need news from Dual Blades as me and Chingaruna are struggling here

    • Chingaruna517 says:

      Its better be worth waiting, cause me and Valkyrious are struggling to keep the information at wikia updated (We are the only admin at that wikia) . No offense here, there are some readers are questioning the editors and translators reliability already…..

      • Kuratatsu says:

        “Some readers are questioning the editors and translators’ reliability” Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we signed contracts…wait, where’s the paychecks?? o.O
        Those readers can go take a hike, there’s a bunch of novels out there so go read those. If you are so desperate to update that wiki then go Google Translate the Japanese wikipedia page for Madan. Oh wait, what’s that? It’s a pain in the ass? Oh my, then how about you stfu and patiently wait for those kind people to take their little free time to bring you free translations.

      • Valkyrious says:


        If you don’t know the pressure on working, you better not making this statement as you probably never experienced how next one is a huge pressure.

        Setsuna got tons of work to do for translating, me and Chingaruna are also having a work to do on madan wikia while you? Oh, really? Just sip a coffee and then comment this and that like someone who doesn’t have any job to do besides of commenting this and that, blah blah. Maybe like having fun, leisure time, going anywhere while Madan Officers are all struggling with their own jobs. We give, you read, you dispose it says blah blah, really unappreciated.


        Let’s press on at Madan wiki and finish every pile of story that has yet to be added.

      • DigitalAK27 says:

        Guys there is no need to fight. We translate, edit and build the wiki because we enjoy the story. However, the team is group of college students and therefore we do have priorities. If I were a reader and the final product was taking this long I would also begin to feel frustrated too. We can only be patient and take the project at a pace that will not hinder RLF work. Kuratasu, you and Valkyrious are already a significant pillar in this community. We can’t begin arguing like that when there are many patient readers, waiting for the next chapter. And besides I don’t think Chingaruna517 was saying in a insulting way. Now guys let’s kiss and make up, I gotta go back to studying for a mid term.

    • Kuratatsu says:

      I can barely understand what you wrote, anyways if you guys understand Setsuna has a lot of work then don’t make statements like questioning his reliability. He is incredibly busy and yet still finds time to translate 2 pages a day for you guys. As for the other editors, DualxBlades and Yascob have both proven many times that they take their editor jobs seriously. It’s as if you impatient readers suddenly forgot all the high quality and fast edits they did in the past just because they are busy with RL problems right now. I don’t know how much work running a wiki is but it can’t be worse than tlcing madan/saijaku/gakusen (as a matter of fact I found translating Saijaku vol 3 easier than tlcing -_-), I basically have to deal with all the lines that gives Setsuna trouble.

      Maybe you and Chingaruna were angry, heck I was angry, after coming back to this blog from my break I see a leech raising complaints. English doesn’t seem to be your/Chinga’s strong suit either so perhaps you two didn’t intend to insult our team hence I’ll apologize and stop here. By the way, Setsuna hates spoilers so be careful and keep the new contents on your wiki away from his eyes if possible.

      @Digital, true…sometimes I forget about the readers’ perspective xD, however I still want to remind the readers that not all translation teams are machines like Zzhk.exe-sama.

      • Caramel says:

        Isn’t the Vanadis Wikia community nonexistent? I barely see any comments, forum posts, page fixes done by anyone else. So that means there are nonexistent people demanding revisions to the wikia? Because if anything I’ve only seen two people actually complaining about slow revisions on the wikia…

  5. Moissonneur66 says:

    If it is actually 22 episodes and only follows 5 volumes. It ought to be amazing.
    Thanks for the update.

  6. Blahto Blahtoto says:

    So AMA and Gakusen will have 20 episodes, both by Silver Link except that AMA will cover 9 volumes o_O

  7. GOOD FUY says:

    My patience for saijaku is running out.But I will try to keep it in!

  8. xioafreedom says:

    Good luck guys. I can wait for years
    As long its dont stop/dies. I still can wait

  9. failureknight says:

    as long as it hasn’t been dropped i’m more than happy enough…
    so take your time after all your translations are one the best i have seen after reading so many LN 🙂

  10. LUCKY BASTARD says:

    Uoooooooooh!!! that gakusen trailer in youtube getting me pumped up!!!!!

  11. Kuroihagane says:

    Gakusen 22 eps? I doubt that, this type of anime usually doesn’t get more than 12 episode

  12. xillia.zestiria says:

    guys, gakusen will be split cour of 24 episodes. this winter and next year of spring.

  13. dianabestpicklol says:

    DO IT

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