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Editor at Baka Tsuki, and Setsuna86. Only interested in Light Novels, Manga, and Anime with busty heroines...


I have been ntred from Setsuna for another series, I have been recruited by Hachi back on Hachidoritranslations to help edit one of my favorite light novels I’ve been following for a while. This light novel is called Ochitekita Naga to … Continue reading

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Editor Selection Closed and Done.

I would like to thank the over 20 applicants I had for editor selection and of those the ones whose email I was actually able to open and read lol. I appreciate all the effort and hardwork of all the … Continue reading

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Another Update to Editor Selection.

This is a disclaimer I guess, if you do become the new editor you will start editing from chp 6 or 7 of Gakusen Vol 8 followed by Gakusen Vol 9. Now after that though as Gakusen will be dropped … Continue reading

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Update to Editor Selection.

There is no foreseeable deadline as of yet for editor applications and….    Deadline for editor applications will be before the start of May, thus the chosen one shall be selected by the start of May. SEND ONLY EDITED CHPS TO … Continue reading

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Editor Selection.

Only one can be chosen, step forth brave souls and venture into the harem-depths of Setsuna86 filled with plots and untold riches. Ahem* getting to business, I will be overseeing the selection for the new editor. List of requirements for … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

It has been a long year here filled with a bunch of shit pretty much. From dealing with irl stuff, Gakusen and Saijaku getting anime adaptions to Gakusen getting licensed.  I hope everybody is having a good time enjoying the … Continue reading

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Don’t really want to make another status post about project status and what not so just a reminder. Cause eventually new posts will cover it up and ppl will forget and keep asking. Just type in translation in the search … Continue reading

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