Novel Illustrations


1. Audience

2. Mischief

3. Revolt

4. Determination

5. Leonhardt of the Blitz

95 Responses to VOLUME 12

  1. wow.. the new vanadis looks really hot and more mature than the rest for some reaosn

  2. weisman says:

    Blackhair. Nice.

  3. deril says:

    new vanadis from legnica . . . really hot

  4. space invaders says:

    yeah two day’s, for release!!!

  5. grius says:

    There’s a bird in her ass.

  6. Sabaddon says:

    New Harem Member detected. The question is will her conquest come before or after Valentia’s. Also looks like she might dominate Tigre rather than submit IMO.

  7. New Vanadis is so sexy!!! Wanna see her adventures with Tigre ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. ZrMynX says:

    I hope the new vanadis would be much flirty XD

  9. bobbybanana says:

    I hope her title would be ” the dark haired vanadis of perfect proportions”

  10. Chingaruna says:

    Erm…..not tend to be pushy here but why we still in 25%? Personal reasons?

  11. ZrMynX says:

    Yes, setsuna’s back XD

  12. revassin says:

    I usually don’t ask this but seeing chapter 1 is on 100% since the last 3-4 days When is the it going to be up?

    • Waaat123 says:

      i agree chapter 1 has been 100% for more than a week why isnt it up

      • dualxblades says:

        Because I’ve been busy with work and school has started up I will get the chp edited asap.

      • Satou says:

        @dualxblades: do you know when you’ll post it ? It’s been ages since it was translated.
        Suggestion :
        Isn’t it better to post the unedited version and write at the top that it’s the unedited version and post the edited after. Like that those who want to read it can read it right away.
        It’s just a suggestion, though.
        It’s just that the TL and the editing take almost the same time and it’s kinda…long(?).
        Well, take care of yourself. And if I said that, take your time. (I’m kind used to this)

      • dualxblades says:

        I’ll try my best to get it done this week (so next 7 days) if possible…no promises though.

      • Chingaruna517 says:

        @Satou Like you, I am also impatient about the slow progress of the translation (though I did put up some stories that I know) but there are times people had to deal with their personal reasons as foremost.

        @dualxblades OK then, just don’t pressure too hard on yourself. As a representative of the Vanadis Wikia, we wish you luck in your both studies and work,

      • Satou says:

        I know that they have persona reasons to deal with. I don’t really care aout the translation speed, I mean it’s pretty good when you compare it with some others.
        What bother me is the fact that the editing takes the same time if not longer. You can post it unedited or ask help from other editors. Some people would gladly help…I think.
        Well I (we) already waited so long, one or two weeks won’t kill me.
        And dualxblades: thanks for informing us.

  13. Vuong says:

    C2:78%. You’re doing great. I’ll wait until you finish C5

  14. whelp says:

    Fun fact: If you spent 2 hours a day editing a book, and you read so slowly that it took you one minute to grasp a single word (and given a chapter is around 2,500 words) you’d still be a faster editor than DualxBlades! 😀

    I’m honestly starting to wonder if he might actually be an extremely competent and well read manatee. Whose soft flipper limbs barely have the strength and coordination to depress the buttons of his waterproof keyboard.

    You go, manatee. Wordsmith on like the delightful sea cow you are.

    • Chingaruna517 says:

      Just bare with it for just one more day then we might gotta anticipating the updates very soon. He did says that he would at least within a week since Sept 16th (meaning that he should be finishing the update at least at 23rd, hopefully). Well also want the confirmation of the name of one Nice minister who is betraying Regin to aid Melisade in her uprising in Nice (me or Valkyrious knew this because there are some context that the plot is brewing, we just need the confirmation via Dualblades and even Sentsuna themselves).

      Also, if you saying that the efficient way of reading and editing style is somewhat useful , why not try to help in the wikia like right now? The Vanadis Wikia need more users like you to contribute more. We kinda understaff over there. (Note: you need to log in in order for use to see who make the edit in the wikia. If not, register first)

  15. sparta says:

    i need t read!!

  16. ZrMynX says:

    Hey, dualxblades? Can you please update atleast the chapter 1? I already missed the vanadises especially Ellen..i’ve been waiting for more than a month

  17. Jazzhands says:

    Whelp, that’s it for me.

    Dropping this series, I might pick it up again if I see the ln fully translated. But no point in me coming here week after week with no updates despite Setsuna’s hard work translating the chapters.

    Best of luck to those who opt to wait around.

  18. levuong99 says:

    c2 90% great!!!

  19. ZrMynX says:

    I cant post inside the chapter 1 so i’ll post it here.. Glad that figneria is a fine and nice woman, thanks for this dualxblade and setsuna! Hope to read chapter 2 soon

  20. deril says:

    setsuna-san please up chapter 2 . . . I am really-really hungry . . . onegai-deeeeesu

  21. ZrMynX says:

    Finally..chaps 2 and 3 are ready to go, yeah

  22. Galesaber says:

    Finally Regin is now on offensive

  23. Chingaruna517 says:

    Yeah, now we are about to see the ever growing conspiracies from the Anti-Regin faction.

    Keep in note: Volume 13 will be released on Nov 25th.

  24. sukebe-sensei says:

    What’s the translation schedule again? After vol.12, are you gonna continue up till vol.13 or vol.8 of Asterisk then finish Bahamut?

    • setsuna86 says:

      After volume 12, I’ll translate Bahamut

      • dragonosman2 says:

        Good to hear. Thanks.

        So when will you translate Volume 13 of Madan? Do you want to translate one or two of Bahamut Volumes and then some of Gakuen before getting back to Madan? If so, I’m willing to wait. I’m just kind of worried since Volume 13 is being released tomorrow (the 25th).

  25. ZrMynX says:

    Chapters 3 and 4 please..

  26. wes says:

    thank for the translation.When will the rest of the chapter will be edited?

  27. Reader says:

    I dnt like the cover design the vanadis too dark from looks of it this vandis is cold blooded hope she kind all others vanadis cover are light

  28. Victor says:

    Will we see ch 3,4 and 5 before new year?

  29. ZrMynX says:

    Goddess? Tir na fa?

  30. elberetet says:

    Thanks for Chapter 3. Will be waiting for next chapters. If you, setsuna, now translating Gakusen Toshi Asterish, then maybe i will catch you with translation Vanadis in Russian 🙂
    Hello from Russia with love. From RuRanobe. Greatly thanks for all you projects. But personally i really want to see 13 vollume Vanadis as fast as it possible. Pity, that we must wait for Gakusen Toshi Asterish first…
    Good luck to you, Setsuna.

    P.S. Do you need electronic version of vollumes? We can get it for you, if you don’t have it. Write plz to my mail, if you need and want it (juric8899@gmail.com)

  31. Waaat123 says:

    The Determination link sends to Volume 8 chapter 4 behind the scenes

  32. kizrock says:

    Can anyone make make pdf please?

  33. elberetet says:

    Thanks for vollume. Now… We must wait about half year, before we see 13 vollume? So pity… Well… We will wait. We have no other choise.

  34. Haraguro_Megane says:

    Thanks a lot for the volume. If someone wants here is the link for ePub- “https://tus++++files.net/++++6fbi2k++++la069p”. Please remove ‘+’ and use “Figneria Alshavin” to unlock. Images are not resized so file-size is pretty big for ePub.

    • BarryBB says:

      How to go about exactly? It’s giving me a file name and a .7z at the end for some reason.

      • Haraguro_Megane says:

        The file is compressed and password protected using 7zip hence .7z. You can download 7zip for free, its only around 1MB or use winrar to extract if I am not mistaken.

      • BarryBB says:

        Thank you! It worked perfectly with WinRAR which might come in handy for future.

  35. Zen says:

    can anyone make pdf for volume 12? thanks

  36. r7 says:

    I was planning on making the epub/pdf, but I’m guessing you are uploading it all to bakatsuki right?

  37. Haraguro_Megane says:

    Here is pdf for vol12. I usually prefer ePub over pdf but I already had the doc file I used for ePub so I thought why not pdf as well.
    “https://tus###files.net/eeyh###2ecb6fiy”. Please remove ‘#’ and use “Figneria Alshavin” to unlock. Landscape images are split into two pages so I recommend using two page view.

  38. Xantor says:

    Didn’t see any PDFs of it yet so i made one myself, might not be to your liking but if you want it…

    Click to access Madan_no_Ou_to_Vanadis_-_12.pdf

  39. tsukihito says:

    Any ETA for volume 13 translation setsuna?

  40. EvsA says:

    Damn plot twist at the end…

  41. IndividualEleven says:

    Hey Xantor, I appreciate the pdf but is there anyway to be able to switch the black background and white font? Plays games with my eyes. lol

  42. r7 says:

    My version of vol. 12 if anyone wants it:

  43. stardrago says:

    well with translators will mostly start with the remaining volumes for Asterisk, do you think someone could at least post the novel illustrations for Volume 13 for Vanadis since it might take a while then?

  44. shasux says:

    I forgot to say so before, but thanks for your great work at translating and editing this volume. It was a very decent read as usual. 😀

  45. xxmadan lovexx says:

    no madan 13 raw??

  46. DragonOsman says:

    It’s already out in Japan. Setsuna just has other stuff to translate before he gets back to Madan, so just be patient for now. We all want to read Volume 13 of Madan.

  47. Does anyone have a full pdf of all the volumes?

  48. dragonosman2 says:

    Setsuna and DualxBlades, I have a question I’d like to ask.

    [spoiler=”Volume 13″] I wonder what Elen said in that Volume after they did the deed? Saw read an MTL and he seems to be of the belief that polygamy isn’t practiced in this series anymore. I’m hoping he’s wrong, but I need confirmation. And besides, Tigre being the King of the Magic Bullet should make that worry irrelevant, right? Plus there’s also the fact that the Viralt are subservient to the Black Bow. That and the fact that the Viralt and the Bow seem to act as the Regalia for the Zhcted King. If they’re indeed the Regalia, Tigre can’t NOT marry all seven Vanadis. And they do all have ambitions to rule a country, peacefully, as well, for which they need Tigre. And if we consider Valentina’s personality, to keep her in check, you’d think he’d need to marry all of the Vanadis. If he married just one, it’d only be Elen, which would make the others feel left out, and then Valentina would do God knows what to get the throne.[/spoiler]

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