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I would like to thank those who help me by sending Gakusen volume 9. Thanks to that, I think that my translation speed will slightly rise. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you.

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About Gakusen

I just finished translating Gakusen volume 8 and you’ll have to wait for the editing. BTW, would someone be kind enough to send me the volume 9 raw epub version in my e-mail so I can continue with the translation. … Continue reading

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Gakusen Vol 8 Chap 5

Sorry for having made you wait. Here is finally the chapter 5 of Gakusen. Editing done by DualxBlades and TLC by dragon1412. Enjoy it.

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Another Update to Editor Selection.

This is a disclaimer I guess, if you do become the new editor you will start editing from chp 6 or 7 of Gakusen Vol 8 followed by Gakusen Vol 9. Now after that though as Gakusen will be dropped … Continue reading

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In other news… Here is the only good thing to come out of the anime!

Da B3st Girl DVD/Blue-ray cover! It really is the only good thing that came out of the anime. This includes the kiss scenes of Krulcifer, and NOTHING ELSE!

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About Saijaku

There are people who always ask me when I’ll begin translating Saijaku again and others who tell me to drop it if I don’t want to translate it. Just so you know, I really want to translate it, but I … Continue reading

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