Another Update to Editor Selection.

This is a disclaimer I guess, if you do become the new editor you will start editing from chp 6 or 7 of Gakusen Vol 8 followed by Gakusen Vol 9. Now after that though as Gakusen will be dropped once these 2 Vols are done (it’s cause they’re licensed and our policy is to support the industry so if they’re licensed tough luck suck it up don’t bitch about it) you will most likely edit Setsuna’s new project

This won’t happen any time soon cause after Gakusen will be Saijaku and Madan and you’ll mostly be in hibernation or help out with the odd chp here and there.

So if there are any current applicants that after reading and considering this post would like to withdraw from the selection process please email me.

Also another reminder:

Deadline for editor applications is April 25.Β 


About dualxblades

Editor at Baka Tsuki, and Setsuna86. Only interested in Light Novels, Manga, and Anime with busty heroines...
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15 Responses to Another Update to Editor Selection.

  1. DigitalAK27 says:

    In other news I killed the abyss watchers in Dark Souls 3.
    It was very satisfying.

  2. Berserker says:

    One question, after removing Gakusen they have considered Hundred translate?

    I think it would be well received

  3. Berserkers says:

    One question, after removing Gakusen they have considered Hundred translate?

    I think it would be well received

  4. kcz117 says:

    If you need help with Madan or other works in the I’d be willing. Just no more Infinite Stratos-like novels please. Hundred’s first episode already made me facepalm, so tired of it already.

  5. Valkyrious says:

    Madan recent release was 25th March right? I think Setsuna have to translate Madan from Vol 13 to 15 because the volume 15 could be released by late June or early July.

  6. Marcos Reis says:

    Hello, today is a sad day for me. since one of the novel that i like the most would be taken off my hands :(.
    Of course i also understand the motive but part of me becomes sad, that i won’t be able to keep reading it.
    i remember like was yesterday when i first saw the page on baka tsuki on the day :
    30-July-2013 Gakusen Toshi Asterisk project started.

    At first i was thinking that this was suppose to be a lot like IS, most because of the earlier illustrations and because of that i put on my list, most because i find IS a fine novel, would not be the best out there but the first few volumes are really good and this is how i got to know this wonderful novel, and in the day 18-Aug-2013 when Volume 1 was finally completed and i got to read it, it was a love at first sight and since then i have been following this novel.

    for most people here it may not be seen as good bye, but for me , it is :(.
    i’m do not live on US, and my country is having a huge crisis and even I was fired two months ago,so this becomes impossible for me to buy even if i wanted it.
    this may be seen something silly for most people, but even if i wanted to buy it and still had my job, the current US dollar Worth’s so much right now for me, and my country, that even a simple LN Book together with Delivery would be almost as 10% of my monthly wage, and this is if i do not add tax in the middle.
    So, to keep things in perspective, the NGNL novel that have their own localization in my country, the current price was only 1,5% of my monthly wage, or only 2,4 US dollar, the first volume and because of that i brought it, but for a series that have only US release like are 99,9% of them all it is impossible for me.
    Even if i got a better job in the future, with the current crisis it may take a long time and i may even be dead, or have children’s i do not know, the future is called future because no one knows what may happens and because of that, i say my GOODBYE to gakusen , and THANK YOU FOR ALLOW ME TO READ THIS. πŸ™‚

    well, i would like to say that does not matter the new project you take on, i will be reading it.
    well. sorry if i wrote something that does not make much sense, is difficult for me to write something like a complete text because i’m never had a good English class, only the net πŸ™‚
    May be silly of me, since i do not even know all the laws involved, so i do not know it may be possible but i would like to offer to create a website on a server on my country and host the LN’s if you still want to keep doing the translation, please do not think bad of me, if i could i would buy it, but i can not, so i can only dream and do everything i can to read it.
    One more time, thank you.

  7. Mapuia WaHaHo says:

    Hello Sir Dualxblades,out of curiosity I was wondering.What kind of work does an editor(like you) really do???something like grammar correction?checking spelling mistakes? of LNs translated by Sir Setsuna.

    • dualxblades says:

      Fixing spelling mistakes, improving flow, grammar, checking the consistency of terms used and the content of the chp; keeping in mind to retain the original meaning of the text as much as possible. This is the short version of what editors do generally.

  8. Albert Henry C. Orozco says:

    When will be sa Saijaku Vol 3 will be finished?? I want to read it reeeeally badly. ‘coz I’m waiting so long and it doesn’t still budge. Please, continue Saijaku. I’m a big fan of it. πŸ™‚

    • dualxblades says:

      Go through our posts on updates and projects don’t be lazy just scroll down the blog’s home pg.

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