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Been noticing throughout all the posts, people keep asking where’s the chp or when it’s going to done. So here some clarification. E.x Chp 1 – 100% <—- This means it’s done being translated, doesn’t mean chp is done, as … Continue reading

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I need your opinion

I know that I had decided to continue with the translations of Gakusen volume 6, but some people proposed that I should continue with Saijaku volume 2. So I’m a little lost at what to do. Therefore I made this … Continue reading

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A New Link added in my blogroll: krytykal

“it the site of a translator who was translating antimagic academy and Elysion Virtual region in bakatsuki but left for many reasons….you can find that stuff in his blog. i think it would help since many people are still searching … Continue reading

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