Novel Illustrations

Chapter 1 – Those who return, those who visit

Chapter 2 – Urz

Chapter 3 – The Witch

Chapter 4 – The Winter End


165 Responses to VOLUME 10

  1. Tigre whyy says:

    Why he still not remember that azzz

  2. Reader of stories says:

    Thank you for the translation and your hardwork guys.

  3. Someone says:

    Weee!!, Thank you very much for the releases, Setsunta and Dual Blades.

  4. priscila says:

    oooooo yeahhhhhhh!! thanks!!

  5. deathskiller says:

    hey guys this is completely random but….Someone please visit my blog Deathskillers blog….. im lonley

  6. Someone who like harem genre says:

    Is it just me the one that feel tigre will become king of zhcetd,brune,and Asvarre.
    he marry reign become king of brune.he has bow which probably from zhectd first king then marry all vanadis plus lim and for Asvarre(althought this is a bit ridiculous) because he save Asvarre(remember that giant is still alive and plotting something) and because they see tigre is a great king the queen there married tigre.this is just my statement if you dont like it sorry then

  7. meanie says:

    how did he regain his memories??

    • iona says:

      shock therapy from seeing Ellen naked again ;P

    • The Mercy of Common Sense says:

      After he chose to live on as Elizaveta’s subordinate, Regin got so pissed off that she personally visited Zhcted with the excuse of ‘maintaining peaceful ties’. After shoving a barbed dildo up his ass, she then strapped him to the underside of her carriage for the duration of her journey back. The shock provided the jolt necessary for full memory recovery.

  8. RyujiSasaki says:

    thanks for all of your hard work i really apreciate it. i have something to ask, did the novel come out every 4 to 5 month??

  9. dqsang90 says:

    Wow, already done with volume 10!? You rock, Setsuna!
    Can’t wait to read chapter 4 and epilogue.

  10. Nova says:

    wow Epilogue is already finish good work 🙂

  11. Sultan says:

    agh, can’t wait for the final chapters((

  12. jawzz463 says:

    It would be great if you could release the final chapter and epilogue by this weekend. And thanks for all your hard work.

  13. Bakanekokun says:

    Oh man, thanks for your hard work. I think I would do disastrous things due boredom if not for your translations on both Madan (#1 in my taste) and Gakusen (#2). Thanks for making my November and December enjoyable.

  14. Sloooow says:

    Thanks for the awesomely fast translations Setsuna!

    Also, am I alone in liking small chapter segments released at regular intervals instead of a huge one released after a week?

    For some reason I never have enough time to just sit down and read at my leisure, the smaller chunks give me something to look forward to and are very palatable.

  15. Jennifer Evans says:

    Why does it say Chapter 4:100%, Epilogue:100% on the recent messages

  16. RyujiSasaki says:

    did u also take mahouka kokou no rettousei translation too setsuna?

    • setsuna86 says:

      No, I had only translated one chapter long ago; but I didn’t take it now. there are already translators, right? And I already have three LN to translate. I can’t take a fourth one.

      • raj says:

        like hell you can’t you are already considering some new one after caughting up with these three……you are like Issei Hyoudou ..not gonna admit how much of a monster you two are…hehehe

      • setsuna86 says:

        Hahaha, thanks for the compliment. It as you say; but the LN I picked isn’t as dense as the other. For example, the first chapter is around 12 pages, ch2, 16 pages, etc… When I will begin it, I thunk I’ll be able to translate the firstd volume even in one week. But as Mahouka, that’s not possible. Not only is it too dense, there are also so many terminologies that he gives headache.

  17. Thanks and sorry says:

    Thanks setsuna and dualblade for the chapter but i want to ask what is the estimated time for the chapter release.no need to be precise i’m not demand as fast as possible i will wait even if you release it 2 months from now

  18. Rizwan says:

    Now… just to wait for it to be upd8ed. The finale of Vol.10

  19. Ha…. Ha…. Ha…
    Refresh… Need to refresh browser..
    Ha… Ha.. Ha. XD

    Thank you setsuna for translating and sharing us you works and
    I Hope the las chapters get proof read by dualXblades quickly.
    Now back to refregung the browser every 1hr 😛

  20. fan says:

    Mandan no ou a ganados you have volume 11?

  21. Valkyrious says:

    Yesh yesh~~ Tigre!! Fight Kreshu again please and this time bring 5 Vanadis with you :3

  22. Masuakal says:

    Uhm can anyone please spoil whether Tigre got his memory backs in this volume, I do hope he got it back, but if still not, I will wait until he gets it then continue reading it. I just kinda feel uhmm bad and unmotivated to read it while he still cant remember anything and hurts everyone around him . . .it feels sooo bad that it prevents me from continuing to read goshh . .anyone help… and thanks for translating it Setsuna 🙂 kinda get confused with your style in earlier volume but now i think i really enjoy it 🙂

    • Onodera54 says:

      ..looking at the novel illustrations, I think he will regain his memory on this volume.

    • RyujiSasaki says:

      from the glint of it ( from pic) i dared says that he will regain it but how he got it will need to read the chap first. i bet it in chap 4 not epil 🙂

      • Masuakal says:

        hmm then please come back once you make sure of it . . .i don’t want to risk not being able to sleep and just keep imagining what those people that tigre forgotten about feels. I don’t know why, but if i read something it becomes like a movie in my head thus it feels so real that uhhhh i felt so hurts if the story touch something like being totally forgotten. And thanks anyway for answering alas getting me to hope something good does happen in vol 10 mwahahahha

      • RyujiSasaki says:

        well its happen to me too that whennever i read some novel that i like, i can picture it like i seen a smooth video with all details in my head. its often happen to someone who love reading book and have a good balance with watching some videos.

  23. RyujiSasaki says:

    did dualblade also proof read while he editing??

  24. Lettuce says:

    oh it changed in today or tomorrow nice 😀

  25. Noss says:

    Yup, it changed at last! Hurayy dual go go go!
    Cannot wait for chap 4 and epilogue 😀

  26. Dargudieon says:

    Cant wait!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the hard work Setsuna and Dualblade! 😀
    Keep it up! 😀

    • ffffff says:


  27. TheLaG says:

    Great news I see in message box.
    Thanks Setsuna and DualBlade for your work!

    And yes, F5, F5, F5 )))

  28. yuri888 says:

    Man came to check on Madan chapter 4 and Epilogue had an updated on but read further and saw today or tomorrow part killed me. Well going to be pressing F5 every hour today and tomorrow. Thanks Setsuna and DualBlade for the work you guys have been doing.

  29. RyujiSasaki says:

    well its just my tough but if the anime with this pace its likely goes into season 2 like mahouka

  30. forgetfulelk says:

    Thank you sooo much for this! Now I need this in pdf format 😀

  31. Apathy says:

    Thank you for your work!

    If I may, can I share an unofficial PDF that I made of volume 10? With proper credits of course.
    DDL Vol10: https://www.mediafire.com/?db1ah3g0a5i7vea

    Thank you for your time!

  32. kipoyedcl says:

    my version of the pdf… hope you like it… i just recently learned how to make a pdf that is formatted for LN… so i am hoping to hear your feedback guys… 😀 anyways its here:

    Click to access Madan_no_Ou_to_Vanadis_~_Volume_10.pdf

  33. grapefulrobber says:

    PDFs are alright and all but can someone please provide in epub format. Makes it neater to read in tablets than PDFs could.
    Thanks for the translation of volume 10!
    I really like Elizavetta. I hope we can read more of her soon.

  34. dualxblades says:

    If you can, leave any pdfs or epubs or w/e that you’ll have made in the comments in the pdf tab. When Setsuna has time he will add them to that tab with credits ofc to the creators.

  35. Mariachi07 says:

    Thanks a lot setsuna and dualblades for volume 10

  36. Kurokusari says:

    Here’s an ePub format of Volume 10
    Not exactly perfect but it’s readable. 🙂
    I’ve already included the credits for the translation so don’t worry ’bout it.

  37. God Ginrai says:

    Thanks for finishing Volume 10! This is one of my favorite series. I was very excited to start reading as soon as the translation was fully posted.

  38. m says:

    I received my X-mas gift! :3

  39. the anime dissapoint me in some way… its skipped one battle with the first demon there ~_~

  40. muhahah says:

    this novel made me remember….
    Baba Yaga


  41. noooo says:

    Baba Yaga


  42. T-T says:

    This was linked to the first volume of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut!

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