Madan vol 13 Chapter 3

No comment in particular to do here, except that here’s the promised Chapter 3.

TLCer: dragon1412

Editor: dualxblades

Enjoy it.


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I’m back!!

Sorry for not having written a short notice informing you all that I was really busy these last months. There were so many things I had to do that I didn’t even have the time to post the chapter 3 of Madan vol 13 that is already completed. Well, I won’t go speaking about what I’ve done in details as there are private matters; but anyway, I’m back and I’ll continue with the translations.

So, I’ll post the chapter 3 this saturday as I need to read again before posting.

Again, sorry for the long absence.

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Madan vol 13 Chapter 2

Again sorry for the delay. I just have a few things to say. Thanks of a russian friend of mine, I changed Alsin to Arshin as it’s a Russian unit of length equal to 28 inches (71 cm) (see more) and Belsta to Verst, so please take note.

TLCer: dragon1412

Editor: Killsacred

Without further ado, here’s the Chapter 2.

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Saijaku vol 3 Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay. As you all know, there’re always many problems in RL, so……

I have no much to say, so without further ado, enjoy the chapter.

TLCer: dragon1412

Editors: DigitalAK27, Killsacred, Aardvark.

Here is it: Chapter 3.

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The novel chosen

I’ve decided to close the poll. Based on the results, Seiken Tsukai no World Break won.So as promised, I’ll take it. But, as I said, I’ll begin its translation after the end of Madan (the end of the series, I mean). And I also heard that there’s a translator who is doing this currently. So, I planned to notify him when I’ll begin translating this so that we share¬† volumes to translate.

In the meantime, he’ll be doing it while I’ll focus on Madan and Saijaku.

Well, that’s all. And please, don’t vote again or propose another series, I’ve laready chosen and have no intention to change.


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The novel you wish to see translated

Sorry to bring this up again, but I decided to re-take Almaine as many people avdvise me not to let it to Yamette. I don’t have any problems with him, but his translations are apparently catastrophic; which is the reason why they advise to re-take it.

Well, I’ll begin with it when Madan will be over though.

But, no worries, since I already wrote a post saying I want to translate another after Madan, I’ll do it. Almaine only has 4 vol. released and 3 available for the time being. So I’ve room to choose a third novel.

And so, I’ve read all your novel suggestions and to tell you the truth, I had a hard time choosing which one to translate. And so, I selected some novels which I’m interested in translating and made a poll so you readers would vote which novels you want translated.

BTW, if, among the LN I selected, there are some that are already being translated, please notify me.

Without further ado, here’s the poll:

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About Meigyoku no Almaine and others

I wanted to translate this novel just after Madan and Saijaku, but Yamette asked me if he could take it to translate in this period and I accepted, thus deciding to drop it. I thought it’d better to leave it to a translator who wants to translate it now rather than waiting for who knows how may months to translate it myself.

Here’s is the link to his blog for those, who will want to read it after translation:


So, for the time being, I’m translating Madan and Saijaku alternately.

Since apparently, the end of the series Madan is close (I heard the last volume will be volume 17), I want to choose another light novel to translate along with Saijaku. Well, even if I choose a new series now, it doesn’t mean I’ll translate it now though. I’ll surely begin on it after Madan ends.

As Almaine has been taken by another translator, I want to try another novel.

If some of you have any interesting novels to propose, I may consider it.

That’s all I want to convey. I’m eagerly waiting for your suggestions. I might choose to translate what you suggest.

Good day to you~

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