Gakusen vol 9 three chapters updated

Sorry to have kept you waiting. As you know, unless a chapter isn’t edited and some sentences aren’t TLCed, I can’t post them; so for those, who can’t wait, I hope you’ll bear with this logic of mine in the future.

BTW, I’ll release the chapter 8 and Epilogue next week and with that, it’ll end of Gakusen volume 9 and also Gakusen’s translation by me. I’ve heard another translator will take after me (don’t know who it’ll be though).

Anyway, as you see at the side bar on the right, I’ve already begun translating Saijaku vol 3 ch2. So next after that will Madan vol 13 ch 1 (as I said, I’ll alternate chapters of Saijaku and Madan as such). For those who have been waiting for these two novels for long, sorry as I’ve wanted to get it over with Gakusen as early as possible before continuing on these two.

Well, without further ado, here are the chapters:

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Editor: Killsacred

TLC: dragon1412

Enjoy them

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Gakusen vol 9 Chapter 4

BTW, please stop asking questions about whether I’ll continue translating Saijaku or Madan. I’ve already said many times that I’ll translate them just after Gakusen. Before asking questions, please read the previous posts first.

Here’s the chapter 4. Enjoy it.

Editor: Killsacred

TLC: dragon1412

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Gakusen vol 9 Chapter 3

Here’s the chapter 3 of Gakusen, two chapters should be ready for the next week (well depending on the editor)

Editor: Killsacred

TLC: dragon1412

Enjoy it.

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Photos of my new computer

Sorry for uploading the photos this late, but normally I would have received my pc a week ago, but there was a problem, the pc I received that time wasn’t the one I ordered. In other words, I received the pc of some guy at my address and he received mine. By chance, both of us were in France; so we contact eac other. And I send his pc to him and he sent mine.

And well, I got my pc yesterday and here are the photos as I promised:


Thanks to all those who help me buying it!!

BTW, here are the PC’s properties: Intel Core i7, 4GB, 1TB, NVIDIA GeForce GT610 2Gb,DVD-RW.


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Thanks for the donation

Thanks to your donations, I was able to collect enough money to buy a new pc. I’ll show you a photo after buying it and promise you guys that my translations will move faster, at least until I finished translating Gakusen vol 9, since I practically have free time now until the end of August.

BTW, look already forward to two chapters next week!!

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Please help me buy a new computer

As I wrote last week, I encountered a big problem with my computer. So, I sent it in reparation. But, I received a mail today saying that rather trying to repair it, I’d better buy another computer since the money I would have to pay for the reparation may as well buy a new one.
And so, I ask you, reader, to please help me buy a new computer as soon as possible so that I can resume with the translation quickly. As you know, I never asked for donation since today as I translate for fun and I don’t need money for that.
But now, I’m a little broken to buy a computer soon; so I can’t help but ask for your help for this.
The donation button is to the sidebar on the right.
I ask again, please.

Thanks in advance.

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