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  1. happinezz says:

    Yesssssss the illustrations are out I’m already excited for the translations

  2. Astaroth says:

    Can’t wait to read the volume

  3. subreaper01 says:

    Based on the illustrations, I wonder if this is the last volume or that it means that Tigre and Ellen are a couple now and the series continues.

    • QQ says:

      Forget about it plz :v, let’s all ship Eliza x Tigre FTW

    • John Hogen says:

      Not necessary – In this fantasy setting, for all we know he might have all seven of the Vanadis and become king. After all, the power of the bow makes him a special existence…because it has already been prophesied he will become king.

    • RyujiSasaki says:

      no can do… if u read prev chapter its hinted that will be another war as long as ganelon and that demon still alive

  4. moehawkman says:

    Is there a reason why his bow is green in one illustration then goes back to black in the next?

    • Frezal says:

      *Spoiler alert*

      Read if you want to know, But it contains story plot.
      When Tigre is lost at sea to the sea dragon and he washes up on the beachline. He is found by a woman from a village who finds the bow next to him, she throws the bow into the sea because she felt it was ominous. By the end of Volume 9 he still had not recovered his heirloom bow.
      So the green bow is the one Eliza bought for him to help him demonstrate his skill as the new archer.
      And chances are he’s back to the Black bow because he finds it again in the 10th volume.

      • moehawkman says:

        I don’t remember the novel ever saying that Elizavetta gave him a green one to use. It was just a “normal one” whatever that means. The reason I asked this question is because in the first colored illustration, the green bow he’s holding is the same shape design as his normal black one. Even in the cover illustration, his bow is colored bluish-green. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being weird. Maybe they explain it in the novel.

      • No. The bow Eliza bought for him was broken during their fall into Baba Yaga’s temple. Reread the last chapter of the last volume.

    • Either the art changed, or Tigre’s bow changed. His black bow was previously drawn and described as ‘black’, ‘plain’, and ‘unadorned’. This one, and the one he summoned while protecting Eliza, are definitely more ornate. There’s even a jewel in the illustration, if I remember right.

  5. rimuchan says:

    I was hoping we’d meet the new vanadis to replace Sasha in this volume but judging from the illustrations it doesn’t seem likely. I really like the Tigre x Eliza illustration though. I’m guessing this volume will be more romance focused

    • Dududu says:

      You know honestly I feel somehow someway Regin is probably going to replace Sasha as a Vanadis.

      • I say either Lim will replace Sasha, or Sasha will reappear in a body like the demons; made of ash.

      • aashish says:

        that’s not possible… Since Sasha’s dragonic tool was twin blades, there has to be someone who uses twin blades.. if you read back, sasha says that she had been using two swords since she was little.

  6. deathskiller says:

    better not be the last volume or i will flip shit

  7. Sapper says:

    I swear to god if this turns out to be the last volume i will sincerely lose my shit….

  8. Chade Everdark says:

    I dont think its the last volume lol there’s so much ground to cover.. I’m expecting another cliff hanger ending though 😦

    thanks for translating this! 😀

  9. good guy says:


  10. good guy says:


  11. h0rizoon says:

    i hope this is not the ending volume

  12. GOOD GUY says:

    Read this… IF YOU DARE
    Regin only shows in the beginning
    sofya found some important archive about the magic bullet king
    Ellen helped Tigre and Elize fight with BabaYaga?
    Tigre summoned black bow to protect ellen and got his memory back
    BabaYaga escaped but killed by Ganelon
    Elize’s curse being relieved but right arm can’t move(never mentioned permanent or not)

  13. Nova says:

    Isn’t Elize holding Tigre with her right hand in the second last image?

  14. Groum says:

    at least, the plot not harem route LoL

  15. GOOD GUY says:

    Can anyone translate this it is very interesting it is a story about a reincarnated slime. I want some one to translate it.

  16. sirius says:

    so Ganelon have the power of priest

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