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Chapter 1 – Past and Bonds

Chapter 2 – Before Dawn

Chapter 3 – Departure

Chapter 4 – Lebus’ Daily

Chapter 5 – Baba Yaga

51 Responses to VOLUME 9

  1. Schwarze says:

    GO GO GO! Setsuna!

  2. kanel-2000 F5 man commader says:

    so the 100 % need editing right?

  3. Girish K says:

    editing needs some time

    but dont make something which troubles your health

    health first

  4. thx setsuna for the translating,
    now just have to wait for the editing
    just take your time

  5. Zessty says:

    Thanks for the hard work setsuna!!

  6. keezi says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Setsuna, really looking forward to volume 9.

  7. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    damn i am checking every 5 hours….after that cliffhanger on the last book i just cant wait..

    • keezi says:

      Haha so true, i check it almost every 2 hours or something like that, i really wanna know what happens next lol.

  8. Kuratatsu says:

    I’m looking forward to saijaku muhai after this, can’t wait to see it translated ^_^

  9. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    <>…is ΄΄tommorow΄΄ today or that was posted totay so tommorow is…tommorow..(ok this sounds weird…..blame my excitment)

    • kanel12-2000 man commander says:

      o yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!

      thnx both the translator and the editor for you hard work!

  10. Thanks Setsuna for the new chapter

  11. Schwarze says:

    woot setsu! 32% in a go! keep it up!

  12. Brin Kadore says:

    Thanks for the savory chapter. I especially like Vanadis because it is not as derivative as the common crop of LNs. Please continue to feed us, the leeches.

  13. triplezero says:


  14. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    sestuna i have a question..plz dont take this the wrong way i am realy greatful fot the trans and in my defence i am an amateur in this stuff…but couldnt you sent to the editor the chapter piece by piece so he can edit while you translate..

    • Kuratatsu says:

      I don’t think that’s necessary at this point, unless there’s too many that I can’t finish it in a day.

  15. wow chapter 2 already 100%???
    thx setsuna and editor(s)

  16. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    great work o great setsuna-sama!

    any idea when we can expect it to me edited?

  17. japs.p9 says:

    edited? ch 2

  18. japs.p9 says:

    do you know what happened to code zero

  19. stieven wirakasa says:

    setsuna, can i ask something? in your translation volume 1, it says belsta is approximately 1 kilometer, and alsin is approximately 1 meter.
    but in volume 9 chapter 2, :
    “There was a distance of 300 Belsta (about 300 meter) between them and the group of torches which were chasing them. Furthermore, there was no way that the aim would be determined as both groups were riding horses. It should have only hit luckily.”
    sorry to bother you, setsuna
    i’ll wait another chapter from this LN 🙂

  20. Krispy Kareem says:

    Thank you for the translations. Your work really is appreciated

  21. japs.p9 says:

    is the bt website shut down thought you know if not is cool keep up the great work

  22. Natsume says:

    Hi, Do you have an idea for the next release ? Thanks for your hard work 😀

  23. burakuhowaito says:

    thank you setsuna for bringing the new chapter
    i wonder if tigre will remember who he is in the end of volume 9..

  24. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    bakatsuki is down again…anyway waiting for chapter 3..i realy want somoene to kick valentina huge *** but i dont expect too much..

  25. japs.p9 says:

    Thanks for your hard work and fin ch3 so quickly looking forward to more

  26. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    1st of all congrats for exceeding the 200.000 hits…didnt expext that so soon..goes to show how awesome is your work:)

    the pic of saya may have helped a bit thought…:P

    also we are waiting for 3 chapter..guess it gonna be posted some time totay?

  27. Haruyuki says:

    Hi, thanks for your work ! I want to know when the chapter 4 will be out.

  28. deathskiller says:

    u guys now what ive been thinking bout it and i believe tigre is going to die saving the world or almost die and afterwards have a harem(i hope its this one) i want him to be with the ice vandais if he doesnt get a harem though

  29. Kurokusari says:

    Once again thank you very much for translating yet another volume (and fast, too)
    Keep up the good work guys 🙂
    Made an ePub version of Volume 9.

  30. kyosukedei says:

    W00t can’t wait

  31. Lindane says:

    Book at 88% 🙂 not long to go

  32. Schwarze says:

    I’m starting to think that setsuna will release the chapter after the view ocunt to this site reach 300.000 xD

  33. Joon says:

    I am really waiting it

  34. ugupt09 says:

    I just start reading the volume 9 so I made the PDF for myself. Here’s the link for it if anyone wants to download it.

    Click to access Madan_no_Ou_to_Vanadis_9.pdf

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