Novel Illustrations

1. Imminent Clouds of War

2. Important People

3. Capital Offense and Defense

4. Battle of Severack

5. Arrow, fly



9 Responses to VOLUME 14

  1. Alex Clifton says:

    Please finish translating volume 14

  2. aldy123 says:

    when next chapter to finish?

    • setsuna86 says:

      I’ll continue and finish the next chapter in january 2019

      • Ernesto Pabone says:

        Thank you for your hard work. The people that follow your translations may seem demanding, but we all know how hard you work. Balancing something as massive as this with your real life must be incredible hard. Maybe you should move to a pay site. I would definitely be wiling to support your efforts and I am sure others would as well.

  3. Aldy says:

    Ok thanks min

  4. trihendarto5623 says:

    I look forward reading your new work in volume 14; please do your best. I feel anxious to know more about Tigre and Elen. And thank you for all of your hard work in writing them.

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