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The novel chosen

I’ve decided to close the poll. Based on the results, Seiken Tsukai no World Break won.So as promised, I’ll take it. But, as I said, I’ll begin its translation after the end of Madan (the end of the series, I … Continue reading

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The novel you wish to see translated

Sorry to bring this up again, but I decided to re-take Almaine as many people avdvise me not to let it to Yamette. I don’t have any problems with him, but his translations are apparently catastrophic; which is the reason … Continue reading

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About Meigyoku no Almaine and others

I wanted to translate this novel just after Madan and Saijaku, but Yamette asked me if he could take it to translate in this period and I accepted, thus deciding to drop it. I thought it’d better to leave it … Continue reading

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Madan no Ou to Vanadis vol. 13 Chap.1

Here’s a chapter of Vanadis after a long time. I’ve nothing in particular to say other than you should just enjoy it. Editor: Killsacred TLC: dragon1412 Here’s the Chapter.

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PDFs of the translated volumes of Gakusen

I didn’t think that by giving my e-mail for those who don’t have PDFs, I’d receive such a large amount of mails. Thus , I decided it’d be better to just link the PDFs I have here so that those, … Continue reading

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Saijaku vol. 3 Chapter 2

Well, I know I said that I’ll post it sunday and all, but there’s no harm in posting it a little early, right? And with that said, here you have the long-awaited chapter 2 of Saijaku. Editor: DigitalAK27 TLC: dragon1412 … Continue reading

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Removing of Gakusen on this blog

Apparently, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk officially came out in English, so I need to remove the volumes I translated here. If there’s a translator who wants to continue translating this from volume 10, could he please notify me (+ fan readers)? … Continue reading

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