The novel you wish to see translated

Sorry to bring this up again, but I decided to re-take Almaine as many people avdvise me not to let it to Yamette. I don’t have any problems with him, but his translations are apparently catastrophic; which is the reason why they advise to re-take it.

Well, I’ll begin with it when Madan will be over though.

But, no worries, since I already wrote a post saying I want to translate another after Madan, I’ll do it. Almaine only has 4 vol. released and 3 available for the time being. So I’ve room to choose a third novel.

And so, I’ve read all your novel suggestions and to tell you the truth, I had a hard time choosing which one to translate. And so, I selected some novels which I’m interested in translating and made a poll so you readers would vote which novels you want translated.

BTW, if, among the LN I selected, there are some that are already being translated, please notify me.

Without further ado, here’s the poll:

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69 Responses to The novel you wish to see translated

  1. Airstrike292 says:

    Hey setsuna the light Novel sekai no owari no encore is being translated by code-zero. Just thought I should let you know.

  2. nishaven8 says:

    As far as i know someone in animesuki is already considering to translate seiken tsukai. And I heard Irregular’s Rebellion was pretty good.

  3. Vinh says:

    Oreta Seiken to Teikan no Kenhime is a LN have same author with Madan no ou to vanadis, i think it like Madan. Can you view it? Thanks setsu.

  4. Jhereg says:

    zxzxzx has been working on Ryuu Kishi lately. He’s worked well with other translators before on other projects and has a lot of projects so I doubt he would refuse another translator helping, but if you choose to go there it would be a good idea to coordinate with him.

  5. João Rosa says:

    Setsuna tyrantseyetranslations was deleted.

  6. João Pedro Silva says:

    According to code-zero’s blog, he is going to restart translation Sekai no Owari no Encore so i don’t know because of his long hiatus he may our may not do the translation so I think that you should put on the poll the other four light novels

    • setsuna86 says:

      As I already said many times, I don’t plan to translate whichever novel I’ll choose now. I’ll do it after Madan ends. If by that time, he hasn’t resumed with Encore’s translation, I’ll ask his permission before picking it up

      • chucks says:

        Far i know Code-Zero is currently translating Highschool DxD volume 22:considering his own pace might take a while before he gets on Sekai.
        Just my 2 cents though.

  7. Raze1313 says:

    I don’t mean to look like I’m pushing a series you already declined, in fact I’m thrilled you’re seriously considering World Break, but…

    Setsuna, have you tried Tenkyou no Alderamin? I personally loved it and by looking at the other comments in the previous post, I wasn’t alone. Just curious.

    • kyoukou says:

      pretty sure he said he wasn’t interested in translating it in the last post where he commented about the series.

    • Village Idiot says:

      skythewood’s translation team is interested in picking it up.

      A mod from Baka-Tsuki asked him to wait until October to see if the current translator continues or not.

  8. mapuiawahaho says:

    Madam Setsuna,I wish that all were your future projects.

  9. mateenarif says:

    Setsuna tyrantseyetranslations was deleted, so is he transferring to another site or what happened. Please can you ask him. Will he continue translation somewhere.

  10. Zinos says:

    Oh dear God please choose World Break.
    I really really enjoyed the anime. The novel can only be better.

  11. Explosion says:

    World Break, yes please!~ People need to remember the past, when Onii-sama remembers shit from his past.

  12. teginsyt says:

    Hello setsuna, it seems reigokai is going to be on hiatus for 2 month and he/she says that it is fine if someone else translates while he is absent. Site:

  13. Puke says:

    Seiken no tsukai is damn to generic. Why is it winning! Damn why is people are so dumb with there taste.

    • A_Freak says:

      that’s rude dude. each has their own choices and you dont really have any right to dictate what people like are dumb or not

  14. Chuck Atlas says:

    Feel like I am the only one rooting for Swords & Wizards 😦

  15. sad_smiley says:

    Couldn’t watch World Break, didn’t even get past the 3 ep trial, it was to much chuuni in one place, the characters seemed bland (With the good ol’ over powered MC), the concept of magic was kind lacking (srly, the dude used half of one episode to chant a spell, and don’t even start on the actual words, chuuni as fuc*, even Campione! couldn’t top that), and everything else in the world building seemed… meh….

    As our compatriote said there, Code-Zero is translating Encore (My favorite out of all those listed, seemed like a good read), dunno if he dropped it or not, but would love to see you pick it up.

    There is a teaser of sword and wizards out there but…. it didn’t seem to be very good (you can see a uninspired work when it starts with “…Damn, I’m late.”, accidentally seen a classmate in underwear, and a duel out of nowhere with the “most beautiful girl in school”). Yep, super into it!!

    • Takatathien says:

      I have to agreed with you there. Unless the anime did a very sucky job as adopting World Break, I seen no point in actually translating the series. The characters could literally be describe in one word. The world building is literally just a single school. No bigger picture, not bigger theme. At least series like Blade Dance had a competition or something to strive for.

      In my humble opinion, one of the more worthy series that you should pay more attention to is Encore.

      • Puke says:

        I agree with that. Not worth translating when i saw the anime in the 1st episode i drop it. No offence but The story is too dumb.

        You should pay more attention to encore.

      • RandomDude says:

        See, the thing I find ironic is that here, people who dropped the anime series after some 1-2 episodes are making assumptions about the series as a whole. Placing your vote and recommending your favorite is one thing, but I find bad-mouthing series you haven’t given a fair chance offensive. Clearly none of you read the novel, and nearly all anime adaptations cut the series to skin and bones to cover multiple volumes.

      • sad_smiley says:

        Well, for sure most anime adptation destroy everything we love about a series but that one was probably one of the worst adaptations that I had the misfortune to watch. If the author let a transvestite of such proportions happen to his work then, either he had nothing to complaint about it ( he saw that as a good enough description of his novel) or he doesn’t love his work as much.

  16. Detroit Smash says:

    rip asf. don’t know of any of those LN. well, it’s been good setsuna. thanks for all the hardwork.

  17. hamster5851 says:

    it’s a pity there aren’t more people voting on Irregular Rebellion…all the others besides Seiken tsukai no world break ive seen translation for, though they’ve stalled forever ago, it would’ve been nice to have seen Irregular Rebellion translated =(

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’d much rather see the already released Madan volumes translated over picking up ANOTHER series since that’d slow down either significantly, and it’s one of the few that I follow. Seiken is also good of course, but it’s not nearly as far gone into the story as Madan is, so I’d like to see it getting more attention.

    • hamster5851 says:

      Setsuna has mentioned multiple times that whatever series that’s chosen will be started “AFTER” Madan….does anybody ever bother reading the other comments?

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope? He didn’t specify if he meant volume 13 only or everything until 15, meaning if he only meant the former then Madan will fall more and more behind which is why I was concerned enough to post. And I don’t visit his blog every single day so I couldn’t possibly know about everything that’s said here.
        Maybe before you start talking down on others you could actually try to understand why the question was asked instead of holding your nose, well, UP.

      • hamster5851 says:

        though i didnt mean it to come across that way, repeated questions do get kinda old. the reason i said it was on one of the previous comments he said after Madan ends…not mentioning a specific volume so it seemed to me it meant when it was finished as a whole…could be wrong tho i guess

  19. Joe says:

    Ah … I really wanted Shiro no koukoku monogatari 😦

  20. jpbestgame says:

    World break hell yeah

  21. Rated-R says:

    Taking way too damn long to translate chapter 3 of bahamut setsuna 😦

  22. Rated-R says:

    Taking way too long to translate chapter 3 of bahamut setsuna 😦

  23. Arpan says:

    well i personally vote for world break

  24. Arpan says:

    world break for me

  25. kyoukou says:

    Setsuna how much longer will the poll last? Just asking since there isn’t a deadline.

  26. well my opinion does not matter anyway……
    just putting out there
    picking up a series that is already popular/got anime adaptation can lead to dmca in the future
    you just cant trust the publisher’s these day’s
    so i would recommend you picking up Irregular Rebellion or something like that since you can have a peaceful translation
    without yen press interruption @setsuna86

  27. superdevarsh says:

    Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta?

    A suggestion to add to the poll

  28. Digital_Insanity says:

    Well since nobody said anything about Mountain of Pigeons posting a update on World Break and was saying that he is going to continue to translate it, so I’m gonna throw it out there. Although I do doubt the possibility of his site not getting taken down since he was translating Log Horizon which was licensed but if you are interested in translating World Break, maybe you could team up with him? Thanks for the poll though. ❤

  29. Digital_Insanity says:

    Well since nobody mention anything about Mountain of Pigeons posting an update for World Break in September 8th so I throwing it out there. Also I don’t know whether his site will be taken down since he was translating Log Horizon which was licensed but if you are interested in translating World Break maybe you could contact him. Thanks for the hard work as always Setsuna ❤

  30. Well since nobody mention anything about Mountain of Pigeons posting an update for World Break in September 8th so I throwing it out there. Also I don’t know whether his site will be taken down since he was translating Log Horizon which was licensed but if you are interested in translating World Break maybe you could contact him. Thanks for the hard work as always Setsuna ❤

  31. FranzBonaparte says:

    How Long is this poll will last??

  32. reddy says:

    you have posted you have 3 ln of almaine so where can i read the tranlated 3 novels

  33. superdevarsh says:

    A suggestion to add to the above mentioned list

    ‘Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta’

  34. Sheltis-kun says:

    Well, in my opinion encore and rebellion is the best one, but whichever is going to be translated, many thanks for the hard work translating for us. And no offense, am I the only one that somewhat can’t enjoy world break ? Because seems like many people like it, and it’s currently leading the vote. For some people it is definitely good, but I can’t even bear watching the ep 1. Prob it just not my taste, again, no offense is meant.

  35. Overlord Michael says:

    Just let you know Madan is still in Arc Three and there are 5 arcs in this series

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