The novel chosen

I’ve decided to close the poll. Based on the results, Seiken Tsukai no World Break won.So as promised, I’ll take it. But, as I said, I’ll begin its translation after the end of Madan (the end of the series, I mean). And I also heard that there’s a translator who is doing this currently. So, I planned to notify him when I’ll begin translating this so that we share  volumes to translate.

In the meantime, he’ll be doing it while I’ll focus on Madan and Saijaku.

Well, that’s all. And please, don’t vote again or propose another series, I’ve laready chosen and have no intention to change.


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44 Responses to The novel chosen

  1. mapuiawahaho says:

    Nahi kar sakta hai….

  2. chz says:

    Aw, encore didnt get picked T-T… well, there’s a bit of update on the series, hopefully code zero can start to translate it regularly

  3. thoth0 says:

    so madan as a series is finished? what is the last volume?

  4. linkboy83 says:

    When does Maden end btw.

    • dragonosman2 says:

      If the author chooses not to extend it, it’ll end on Volume 17. But most of us are hoping he’ll end it because it’s too soon to end on Volume 17 (story and plot-wise).

      • Boo says:

        To think Madan will end before Tigre and Rurick even improve their max range by 10 alsins.

      • dragonosman2 says:

        Do they need to extend their range? Tigre definitely doesn’t need to, and I don’t think Rurick could. Tigre’s basically a monster at archery.

        I made a mistake in my other post. I meant to say that most of us are hoping that the author will extend the series beyond Volume 17 because otherwise it seems to be too soon to end it.

  5. ReadDxD says:

    I actually enjoyed World Break quite a bit, so this is great news.

  6. gundam says:

    YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for the chapter, are you gonna translate it from the start or continuing the previous Translator

  7. Waffen SS says:

    I demand a re vote with only world break and encore giving they only had like 20-40 votes of difference

  8. (Diabolos dragon)dragon -maou says:

    thanks setsuna ,
    i am happy because i voted for this series

  9. mapuiawahaho says:

    I know my native language,Engrishu(Kudo),Hindi and Japan as well…

  10. hayka61 says:

    I hear your decision but honestly, I really would like to see Seiken Tsukai no World Break translation start right away. I’ve been hoping for the series ever since i watch the anime 2014. So BTW, how much volume is there in total for Madan?

    • dragonosman2 says:

      Madan is currently at Volume 15 and could end in 2 more Volumes f it’s not extended, but honestly it should be longer because 17 would be too short. Unless the author seriously rushes, it’s impossible to end it at Volume 17.

      If the author can squeeze everything into 2 more Volumes without making it look like he rushed it too much, more power to him, and in that case, you’ll only have to wait until Volume 17 is out and translated before Setsuna starts on World Break.

      • hayka61 says:

        That’s A BIG IF…but I guess it can happen but here on the site, volume 15 hasn’t start yet has it? No, not even volume 13 too good so that’s that.

      • dragonosman2 says:

        @hayka61: Well, yeah, but like I said I’d like it better if Madan got extended to be more than 17 Volumes total. Because otherwise it’d probably be too rushed.

        And I recommend Madan to you if you aren’t already reading it. It’s a great series.

  11. ntogg says:

    Setsuna can u leave a link to the person who is translating Seiken Tsukai no World Break atm? So we can read there if we want?

  12. Where’s Yamette now??

  13. Silivious says:

    If only someone would do Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden….=(
    The translator for that vanished off the face of the earth after doing a bit, then dropped it on a cliffhanger.

    • Sheltis-kun says:

      Sorry for late comments, but really ? Sinemerald dropped it ? I thought he just went MIA, no updates for more than one and a half year in his site now, well cant blame him though. Do you have the link for the statement ? Thanks. I love that LN so much too, my all-time fav. Been commenting over many sites but sadly no one willing to take it up currently. It sucks to see it being stopped like the crystals in , if anyone remembers it.

  14. Jason Wong says:

    I hope u can translate up to volume 11 since there aren’t any translation in Chinese and English of volume 11 and I really want to see it, thx for ur Eng translations of Gakusen.

  15. omegaweaponz says:

    Thanks for picking up the series. 😀
    Been waiting for someone to do. Much appreciated.

  16. DJ says:

    So excited to hear your say that! Translatebear claimed to have volume two fully done, but that was several months ago and nothing’s been uploaded. Anime was really rushed, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Been waiting on someone to pick it up.

  17. rainbowfrostedcupcake says:

    Well this is kinda late but I’m still gonna throw this out there. Mountain Of Pigeons [] have been translating the second novel and at least uploading it. I don’t know about what Translatebear has been doing but the last news I heard from him is that he has a rough translation up to volume 4

    • DJ says:

      It’s actually at the point of getting pretty frustrating. It’s been over a year since the last update on Bakatsuki, and multiple translators have offered to help/take over. Translatebear keeps popping in the forums to turn them down, claiming all this progress that nobody is seeing. I’m the last person to leech, but if he doesn’t have the time/motivation, he needs to turn it over to somebody else.

      • dragonosman2 says:

        I agree here. I’m just kind of pissed at myself that I’m just now finding out about this, though.

  18. Jesus says:

    Not to be that guy, but even though the quality of translations are incredibly exceptional, is it really a good idea to pick up another series when there are your current ones still on the backlog board?

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