Tigrevurmud Vorn’s return was welcomed by voices of grand acclamation from the citizens of the Capital Nice. It was only because Regin and Badouin had announced it beforehand. The successive invasion of neighboring countries and the revolt of the royal family had indeed made them feel uneasy.

Tigre went straight ahead through the main street on horseback. Behind him were Mashas and Elen also riding horses, followed by people, such as Scheie of the Lutece Knight Squadron, with distinguished military services in this battle.

Mila was separated from Tigre and Elen and was in the rear with Lim. Though she also made great contributions in this battle, due to political considerations, they could not afford to put the people from Zhcted in conspicuous places.

To Tigre who apologized to her for that, Mila shook her head telling him that she did not mind it. This was because as a lord of a dukedom, she also understood such circumstances.

The cheers did not stop even after Tigre and company crossed the main street and entered the royal palace. The praises they showered on Tigre were also an expression of their expectations to him. They earnestly hoped that the youth would win against the Muozinel army, which infringed upon the south and regained peace for Brune.

“Well, if it’s winning, even I want to win, too.”

After entering the royal palace, Tigre sighed as he muttered in a place where he was not worried about being heard. Praises and expectations certainly make him happy, but at the same time, they were also a strong pressure. Although Tigre himself wanted to win, the enemy this time was strong, so he could not help but complain a little.

The ones who entered the audience room were Tigre, Mashas, Elen and Mila. After seeing Tigre, Regin had a radiant look on her face.

“It’s great that you came back safely.”

“I am sorry to have caused anxiety to your Highness the Princess. I must also apologize for the defeat against the Greast army.”

Tigre apologized as he went on his knee and bowed his head. Regin stood up from the throne and walked to Tigre. The courtiers standing on both sides of the hall looked at the Princess with looks of surprise and confusion.

“Earl Vorn. Please stand up.”

Though he was slightly perplexed, Tigre stood up as he was told.

The blond-haired Princess stood before the youth’s eyes. Regin took Tigre’s hand and tightly grasped by wrapping it with her own hands. She smiled and was about to say something, but she swallowed those words, erased her smile and then said with a serious and keen expression.

“I know that you have not yet recovered from the fatigue you have accumulated in many battles. And I would like to tell you to slowly take a rest, but we do not have much time left. ──I order you. Defeat the Muozinel Army and recapture the southern region.”

When Regin took the youth’s hand, a part of the courtiers was about make a commotion, but they quickly quieted down. Everyone in this place was very clear about how cruel and harsh this order of defeating the Muozinel Army was.

“I respectfully accept the royal command.”

Tigre also stared at her and calmly replied. At this time, Regin opened her mouth again.

“Regarding the soldiers, I have prepared up to 30,000. If we wait for another two days, nearly 20,000 more soldiers are scheduled to arrive at the Capital.”

Tigre opened his eyes wide in surprise and bewilderment. He wondered whether the current Brune still had so many troops. Seeing the youth’s reaction, Regin smiled.

“I sent a call to the western borders to have them come.”

After understanding the meaning of those words, Tigre gasped. Not only him, but even Mashas could not help but raise his head, and the courtiers also could help but scream as they were unable to endure the shock and tension.

Tigre asked Regin in a trembling voice.

“Then, the western borders are currently……”

“You can say that it’s almost empty. Each fortress should have left only 50 to 100 people for the maintenance of the fortresses.”

The Princess lightly said something frightening. From the rhetoric of the “western borders”, there was no doubt that other than the fortresses, she has also summoned other soldiers. But, if she did not do so, it would have been impossible to prepare 50,000 soldiers.

If it was the kind of bandits, they might still be able to deal with them, but if Sachstein or Asvarre were to gather soldiers and attack, it would easily be broken through.

“It’s because I believe in you.”

Tigre’s doubt was cleared with Regin’s words. After the Sachstein Army withdrew from Brune, the Asvarre Army immediately invaded Sachstein.

Tallard, who led the Asvarre Army, seemed to not intend to retreat until he got some military gains. There was also the fact that Asvarre and Sachstein were originally bitter enemies, so the two sides were still in the midst of war.

In other words, before the two sides ended their battle and made preparations for attacking Brune again, there would be no problem even if the western border was defenseless. Conversely speaking, Tigre must repel the Muozinel army during this period.

Trust, resolution and tension were transmitted along with faint warmth from the Princess’ hands. Tigre consciously loosened his expression and revealed an awkward smile.

“Well, I’ll somehow manage it.”

This was Tigre’s own way to express his determination, and encourage Regin. The Princess opened her mouth flabbergasted and looked up at the youth, but then she lowered her head and smiled softly.

Behind Tigre, Mashas smiled wryly, Elen and Mila stifled their laughter. Though some of the courtiers were indignant, some others also laughed. They could only react as such.


Tigre, who left the audience room, turned to look at Elen, Mila and Mashas.

When his gaze met with the silver-haired Vanadis’, the youth was about to say something. But, before he put them into words, she shook her head with a smile, as if having already guessed what Tigre wanted to say. After seeing Elen’s reaction, Tigre also swallowed his words and nodded lightly.

He could convey his feelings without the need for words, which made him quite satisfied. Once again, Tigre called out to the three people.

“Let’s go.”

The Moonlight Knight Army became a large army of about 70,000. Even so, it was still less than half of the Muozinel Army; but there was not the slightest trace of tension or fear on the youth’s expression. Even though he was anxious, his determination and hope far exceeded it.

With his usual attitude, Tigre began to walk the corridor of the royal palace. Elen and Mila walked on the left and right sides of the youth, and Mashas followed the trio a few steps behind while smiling wryly at the sight.

The battle against the Muozinel Army was about to begin.

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