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Gakusen vol 9 Chapter 3

Here’s the chapter 3 of Gakusen, two chapters should be ready for the next week (well depending on the editor) Editor: Killsacred TLC: dragon1412 Enjoy it.

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Photos of my new computer

Sorry for uploading the photos this late, but normally I would have received my pc a week ago, but there was a problem, the pc I received that time wasn’t the one I ordered. In other words, I received the … Continue reading

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Thanks for the donation

Thanks to your donations, I was able to collect enough money to buy a new pc. I’ll show you a photo after buying it and promise you guys that my translations will move faster, at least until I finished translating … Continue reading

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Please help me buy a new computer

As I wrote last week, I encountered a big problem with my computer. So, I sent it in reparation. But, I received a mail today saying that rather trying to repair it, I’d better buy another computer since the money … Continue reading

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