Photos of my new computer

Sorry for uploading the photos this late, but normally I would have received my pc a week ago, but there was a problem, the pc I received that time wasn’t the one I ordered. In other words, I received the pc of some guy at my address and he received mine. By chance, both of us were in France; so we contact eac other. And I send his pc to him and he sent mine.

And well, I got my pc yesterday and here are the photos as I promised:


Thanks to all those who help me buying it!!

BTW, here are the PC’s properties: Intel Core i7, 4GB, 1TB, NVIDIA GeForce GT610 2Gb,DVD-RW.


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24 Responses to Photos of my new computer

  1. DNAnime says:

    That’s hot. ā¤

  2. DNAnime says:

    Was going to have to slap you if it was a Mac

  3. Opay says:

    Thats a CPU not the whole PC. I would like a screenshot of the display screen aka monitor u r using.

    • setsuna86 says:

      I just buy this. I already have a monitor, so why the need to buy it again?

      • Arnold says:

        Don’t listen to that guy. CPU is a proccesor, in your case I7 ( i dont really know which one but w/e). PC is a case with components inside. Monitor is a monitor. And he probably wanted to know what monitor you are using .

    • teh 1 says:

      That IS the whole computer, you nincompoop. The CPU is the Intel processor inside.

      And congrats, setsuna.

  4. Opay says:

    I misjudged when u say ur PC was gone. Looks like its only the CPU. Well congrats for the new one.

  5. sineater05 says:

    I’m getting orgasms just from looking at the CPU

  6. Noice!! What’s the CPU cabinet model? Looks really cool.

  7. someone says:

    NVIDIA GeForce GT610 doesn’t seem like a good investment especially considering you have an i7 with it’s integrated graphics.

    • Viper says:

      The i7 should be fine, as there was no really ‘bad’ generation of that CPU model so regardless should be good.

      4 GB of RAM, a bit on the low side for this era of PC but enough to handle most things.

      I hate to admit that NVIDIA GeForce GT610 is holding the rest of that PC back. I highly recommend replacing this when funds become possible. This guy is going to hold back this PC from performing really well. That is a low tier graphics card, generally used when your motherboard does not have one. As ^someone^ said, it is almost debatable to rely on the ‘much’ newer Intel Integrated(built in) Graphics card that ‘hopefully’ is on the the main PC board.

      The case looks nice though! I like the styling of it.

      Since I know others are going to ask for more details about your PC. You can save yourself some time and on the windows search bar on your PC type in ‘msinfo32’. You then ‘Save’ that as a text document, if you want to share. šŸ™‚

  8. someone says:

    Which i7 do you have? Model number? Generation?

  9. Chingaruna517 says:

    Well, boy this is a fresh one! Congrats for the getting a new one….

  10. devilsadvocate6 says:

    u got an i7? badass, now u r all revved up for upcoming games…..tho a 8gb ram would have complemented your cpu better

  11. Sheltis-kun says:

    Well, no offense but for me an i7 with 4 GB of ram is a bit of a waste, maybe when you have some money its better to up it to somewhere about 8 GB DDR4. Anyway, grats šŸ˜€ and in the future if you you can try AMD, its reasonably cheap than others, but offering great specs as well

  12. andres says:

    hey, maybe this is written in another post, but, what about madan? D:

  13. rizki66 says:

    France Oohhhh…..

  14. Mapuia_WaHaHo says:

    The processor is good for ‘praising the sun’,but the RAM and GPU not good.Anyway,I’m happy that you can translate again.

  15. Zerodrag says:

    Congrats on the new PC. Specs look good (unless you plan on doing heavy gaming). If there was one thing I would suggest upgrading it would be grabbing a small capacity (240-250gb) SSD drive as your OS drive, and move the existing 1TB drive as the storage. Also, thanks for the new chapter release!

  16. kizumono says:

    wow nice cpu……now we can hope a fast translation for madan(madan already miss to 2 vol)
    and congrats for ur new cpu

  17. I am confused on your hardware selection, why an i7? If all you are doing is translating novels, a simple i3 would be sufficient. Unless you are doing Prosumer work, as in 3D rendering, video production in a professional environment where time is critical, buying an i7 seems to be a waste of cash. Even if you do decide do enter PC Gaming, an i7 is still wasted potential, most games will run fine on an i5, games are now graphics card orientated anyways.

    4GB RAM is the bare minimum now, most game need 8GB for lag free playback. Even running windows tend to be slow, especially when you have more than 12 tabs on Firefox open at the same time. The GeForce 610 is just as confusing, 4th,5th,6th Generation Intel CPUs all have integrated graphics(Iris Pro) that match and exceed the GeForce 610. That card was not designed to be gaming orientated and more for replacing integrated graphics with no HDMI ports.

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