Please help me buy a new computer

As I wrote last week, I encountered a big problem with my computer. So, I sent it in reparation. But, I received a mail today saying that rather trying to repair it, I’d better buy another computer since the money I would have to pay for the reparation may as well buy a new one.
And so, I ask you, reader, to please help me buy a new computer as soon as possible so that I can resume with the translation quickly. As you know, I never asked for donation since today as I translate for fun and I don’t need money for that.
But now, I’m a little broken to buy a computer soon; so I can’t help but ask for your help for this.
The donation button is to the sidebar on the right.
I ask again, please.

Thanks in advance.

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71 Responses to Please help me buy a new computer

  1. ntogg says:

    Will u finish all of the gakusen volumes available out right now if we donate? 🙂 (Volume 10 n future volumes since u r alr at 9)

  2. teh 1 says:

    Choose a target specification and set a donation goal to the corresponding price. If it’s a desktop you’re buying, you should get a mechanical keyboard at the same type, which are more hardy and better to type on.

    • teh 1 says:

      *at the same time

    • setsuna86 says:

      I think in order to do so, I’ll have to shift to I don’t know how to set it with If you know, please tell me.

      • teh 1 says:

        It’s not possible on (and as unlikely as it is you’ll get your own domain, if you need help with those you can ping me, that’s my forte), I’m just telling you inform us how much you need is all.

      • setsuna86 says:

        Ah ok, just enough to buy a desktop with processor intel i5 and a good graphic card (Nvidia Gdorce for example). So you could say about 600 €.
        BTW, I will inform you guys every two days about how much I already have so as to keep you update.

      • setsuna86 says:

        And for the domain, I think it’s time to have my own; so I think I’ll have to bother you one of these days.

      • teh 1 says:

        It will be my pleasure to be of help to you. Your (Vanadis, Asterisk and Bahamut is too much generic shounen) and various other translations has given me many hours of fine entertainment.

        I’ll gladly help you in anyway I’m capable of.

  3. Reed solomon says:

    Is it a broken laptop or PC? It may be easy to fix And the store just wants to sell you a new PC. If it’s windows thing installing Linux is the easiest solution to getting longevity out of older hardware. If it’s a laptop thing then it may be more difficult. If you were nearby I’d fix it for free lol.

  4. Rinsqu says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. I hope my donation will help you get the computer you have in mind.

  5. Anon2928 says:


  6. Viper says:

    If you just need a functional desktop computer, I can send one to you for free, granted it will not be some gaming rig or anything.

    (Yay, my hobby of building them for fun may have some use after all.)

    • setsuna86 says:

      Can you please tell the computer’s properties such as the hard disk capacity and such?

      • Viper says:

        I can generally throw together anything so honestly it very easy for me to say, whatever you want, but I know some of the base items of stuff.

        Processor: Intel Wolfdale Dual-Core 2.93 GHz
        Hard Drive: 80 GB Solid State Hard Drive + (250+) GB Hard Drive
        – I admit I got so many I may have larger sitting around but I can say at least 250 GB.
        RAM: 4 GB
        Optical Drive: DVD Reader

        I have too much spare stuff now that I’m doing an inventory.

      • teh 1 says:

        Nice, that’s pretty good for all general purposes, from document edition to viewing HD videos. You won’t be doing anything demanding like gaming, programming, video editing, etc though.

        If you’re planning for those, you’ve to buy upgrades later. I’m sure Viper can build this on a very upgradeable motherboard.

      • Viper says:

        – At teh 1,
        The CPU and board in this specific case are maxed out since its old tech. It actually from an abandoned Plex Media Server that was a little shy of being able to stream 1080p. I ended up having to re-do it.

        But if you wanted upgrabe-able concept to it, so it was not a ‘temporary fix’ to a ‘works and can become good’ that could be done as well.

      • setsuna86 says:

        Could you write in my email (I guess you already know it) so that I can have yours?

  7. Viper says:

    I think I do? I’ve sent an email.

  8. SirGiggles says:

    Hardware or Software? If its software you could try running any distro of linux until you can get Windows up and running

  9. Kairex says:

    YOu translate so slow and you dare ask for money? Just how shameless can you be..

    • setsuna86 says:

      If you don’t have anything better to write, please write nothing.

    • Mathiason says:

      Sheesh Kairex, considering Setsuna86 is spending a lot of time and effort to make a good translation for free, what’s wrong with asking for contributions? Especially since Setsuna86 has to buy the raws being translated, any time and effort spent doesn’t contribute to paying any bills or getting food on the table, and takes time from doing anything else IRL. If you think it’s so easy why don’t you give it a try? Just copy and pasting into Google Translate isn’t going to cut it either. I tried that with a paragraph from a raw and the result hardly made any sense even when I shortened it to just a sentence or word by word. As for speed Setsuna86 is a lot faster than many others. For example, the person translating Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Volume 6 Chapter 1 took MONTHS to do that one chapter.

      Thanks for the translations Setsuna86! Sorry I can’t be of any help with a new computer or donations.

    • teh 1 says:

      You read translations for free, how shameless could you be?

    • Rex says:

      HAHAHAHA youre so funny as hell
      Hater gonna hate i guess xD
      Why do this? Got nothing to do? Hahahahaha

    • Mathiason says:

      Sorry but it seems my terminology is outdated. What does bait mean?

      • doodles says:

        Basically what that guy was doing: Saying something that would be almost universally frowned upon, just so he could get lots of attention.

    • Arvel says:

      Shut up Kairex!!
      We are lucky that setsuna wants to translate it for free!! So if you can’t respect other people’s hard work. Feel free to leave

  10. nosaer says:

    Hey Setsuna. As thanks for translating Madan for so long, I’d be glad to help you with a donation towards a new PC. however, I can’t read French (or whatever language the linked to page is using). Do you have an English link? If not I can send money directly to you through paypal if you confirm your email.

  11. Zerodrag says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work with all the LN translations. Though I am a lurker, several of the LN translations I have read had your name attached to them. Just sent you a little something towards your new PC. Hope that helps out.

  12. God Ginrai says:

    Note: The following is not meant to be mean, but is an honest suggestion/comment.

    Didn’t your last computer break ~August last year? You might want to look at what you are installing and/or doing on your computer to figure out what is causing them to fail so often. A good computer should last you a minimum of 3 years, given you aren’t trying to upgrade it to play the latest games at max settings.

  13. João Rosa says:

    Can anyone tell me the titles of volumes 7, 8 and 9 of gakusen?

  14. sdgao02 says:

    Ur still translating madan no ou right?

  15. João Rosa says:

    Setsuna you gonna get your ass owned by my nice country on the 10th of July

  16. How about asking your editors for help?
    They’re awfully silent in your time of need. Lol.

    • setsuna86 says:

      They already made their donation s

    • doodles says:

      If anything, the editors are less obligated to donate than us.

      • Why? ‘Cause they’re editors?
        Friends/colleagues are more obligated to help each other. Lol

        It’s good to know they helped. You can really see their close relationship.

      • teh 1 says:

        Cause they’re not the one benefiting from setsuna’s work. We are.

      • Everyone are benefitting from Setsuna’s work.
        He’s the core of this project. Editors are useless without a translator.

        Anyway, my point was everyone are EQUALLY obligated or not to help him.
        No need to make the other special just ’cause he’s s project member.
        People are missing the point here.

      • doodles says:

        I still somewhat believe that, putting aside any potential friendly relations between Setsuna and co, the editors are less obligated to donate than us. Not only have they already helped Setsuna without asking for anything in return, which is more than what most of us could say, but they also took it upon themselves to degrade their first exposure to novels by reading unrefined drafts, in order to provide the rest of us with a cleaner and more enjoyable first read.

        Even assuming that everyone is equally obligated to donate as you say, is it really fair to specifically call out the editors for not donating, all the while not doing so for everyone else who isn’t an editor?

        Well, I can sort of see what you’re getting at, and it’s by no means something said with bad intentions; but I just felt like pointing out something which I didn’t necessarily agree with.

  17. jason wander says:

    Donated, hope it helps.

  18. jason wander says:

    Not sure if you need it or if it will help in the long run, but I have raws for Bahamut volume 4-9 and Vanadis 13 and 14 if you need them. They are JPEGs though.

  19. foxgtr says:

    I really enjoy your series setsuna, i sent you some money for your new pc, just recently upgrade my rig as well enjoy it.

  20. Reint says:

    sent u one setsuna though its only leftover from buying overwatch

  21. bypasser says:

    I wanted to donate but, i don’t have any of the following choices 😦

  22. Pop says:

    So how much is left to be 100%? I ll try to donate

  23. Tempest101 says:

    Just donated 3 euro to you. Thanks for the translation. Been a fan since 2015.

  24. kevin auwdri says:

    Setsuna , where i can found Gakusen toshi asterisk LN translator blog , except in your blog , cuz i want to read it quickly

  25. dennis says:

    setsuna86 here is my donation.
    keep up the awesome work.

  26. Richard says:

    Salut Setsuna merci pour tout le travail que tu fais.
    J’aimerai vraiment pouvoir lire la suite de Madan no ou.
    Je reste sur ma faim.
    J’aimerai tellement lire les volumes 13 et 14 traduits.
    Courage et prends bien soin de toi.
    J’espère que tu auras ton nouveau pc très vite.

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