Novel Illustrations

1. The Moonlight Knight Army’s Defeat

2. What believe means

3. North, South, North

4. Battle of Montour


29 Responses to VOLUME 13

  1. ale0000 says:

    Can’t wait thanks.

  2. aashish1996 says:

    damn.. I really wanna read. Although my japanese isnt best right now, with a dictionary and good translate, I might translate it if someone has a good quality raw of it..

  3. Zessty says:

    Ooh I can’t wait! Appreciate the work translating this series!

  4. Ashuramaru says:

    So pumped for this? Any update on TLing this and vol.14? Thanks again for the work!

  5. g100 g200 says:

    cant wait

  6. cann says:

    Can you translate this first?

    • dualxblades says:

      No, we have a schedule to follow and other ppl have been waiting for Saijaku for like a yr already.


    Any Updates?
    Can I please get an ETA?

  8. luffy says:

    when does the next release of full translated volume 13..please i want to know..

  9. ZrMynX says:

    Its been a while.. I thought i missed some chapters 😂

  10. Vinh says:

    can you upload all illustration of vol 13 and 14? Thanhs setsu very much.

  11. Danny Saputra says:

    thanks for starting translating madan while also translating saijaku. are you going to translate up to volume 14?

  12. VHANNX says:

    thank you very much for this translation really sorry but you know are like the person when something like it can give us an estimate of when you can progress as you know as fever thank you very much for your time

  13. Red Red says:

    Ch 1 – 100%. and when it’ll be updated here?

  14. Set says:

    Waiting upload

  15. svee7 says:

    Thank you for your time and effort

  16. brunop says:

    qundo vai começa 2

  17. brunop says:

    qundo vai começa capitulo 2

  18. jhunior says:

    anyone knows any link to the vol 13 in japanese to translate with google i really want to read it

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