Novel Illustrations

1. The Moonlight Knight Army’s Defeat

2. What believe means

3. North, South, North

4. Battle of Montour



78 Responses to VOLUME 13

  1. when we have the complete volume?

  2. Tavo says:

    Please, please, translate

  3. ZrMynX says:

    translator-san? ;(

  4. neokryte says:

    So is this still being translated or no?

  5. shuiko says:

    everyday i wait for you and touch my selfffffffffffffffffff

  6. Tavo says:

    Whyyy?, come backk, please

  7. CreepyExpt says:

    Are this still being translated? or stopped?

  8. Jk93 says:

    Pls translate

  9. zrmynx says:

    translator-san, please, i miss them ;(

  10. Tavo says:


  11. zrmynx says:

    Anyone knows other site translating madan? Seems like setsuna and the rest are busy..

  12. Tavo says:

    Can anyone continue, I think That setsuna won’t continue

  13. zrmynx says:

    Awww i love this novel, i already forgot the gurls name though except elen..sigh

  14. Silivious says:

    I wonder if he’s dead…again. =/ Someone else needs to pick it up…with consistency.

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