Novel Illustrations

1. The Moonlight Knight Army’s Defeat

2. What believe means

3. North, South, North

4. The Battle of Montour


92 Responses to VOLUME 13

  1. when we have the complete volume?

  2. Tavo says:

    Please, please, translate

  3. ZrMynX says:

    translator-san? ;(

  4. neokryte says:

    So is this still being translated or no?

  5. shuiko says:

    everyday i wait for you and touch my selfffffffffffffffffff

  6. Tavo says:

    Whyyy?, come backk, please

  7. CreepyExpt says:

    Are this still being translated? or stopped?

  8. Jk93 says:

    Pls translate

  9. zrmynx says:

    translator-san, please, i miss them ;(

  10. Tavo says:


  11. zrmynx says:

    Anyone knows other site translating madan? Seems like setsuna and the rest are busy..

  12. AmaChan says:

    Im learning Japanese for almost half a year already to read it myself 😀

  13. Aint says:

    Translate please 😦 i want to read

  14. Logan says:

    From what I can tell, it’s been 6+ months and this should be treated as dropped and should be picked up by someone else. Setsuna didn’t officially say its been dropped and that’s why other translation groups haven’t picked Madan up. However, Setsuna has been absent for so long, so it could very possibly be that its been dropped and he hasn’t officially said it because of the before-mentioned absence. I’ve heard he has been dealing with things in his personal life and I wish him the best. That aside, does anyone here know how to translate? The raws are available online.

  15. So is this still getting translated or did it get dropped? Because I really like this series and I would be sad if I won’t be able to read further 😦

  16. nicolas says:

    Does the translation of the novel follow?

  17. balaji says:

    are you going to translate

  18. Teian says:

    First of all thanks for all the work done up until now even though I am dying to read the next chapter :O

  19. Tavo says:

    Can anyone continue, I think That setsuna won’t continue

  20. zrmynx says:

    Awww i love this novel, i already forgot the gurls name though except elen..sigh

  21. Darren Ng says:

    Chapter 4 plssss

  22. Loner says:

    He said that he will continue to translate but now he just stop right there. like where is he?? lazy?busy? waited for 3 month and still no update,at least post something to tell us your busy.No hating or anything.just don’t waste our time if your not gonna translate.Just leaving us hanging there is just a waste of time.

  23. Did the translator abandon finishing this translation?

  24. joelseeker says:

    anyone know where to read the rest of the completed english translated chapters? Or has the raw Japanese text file

  25. So……..Did the translator stop translating?

  26. Palo says:

    why you didn’t put a unedited version?
    u can do that and after edit u can repost.

  27. Luis Gremory says:

    Gracias por la traduccion

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