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Gakusen vol 8 Epilogue

This is the epilogue of volume 8. With this, volume 8 is complete and I’ve already begun translating the first chapter of the volume 9. So look forward to it. Editor: Killsacred TLC: dragon1412 Enjoy it. And if there’s someone … Continue reading

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Gakusen vol 8 Chap 8

Guys, note that our new editor really rocks. Not only is he fast, but he also edits quite well. And so thanks to him, you will enjoy this chapter a bit early. Again, you should give him your thanks. BTW, … Continue reading

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Gakusen Vol 8 Chap 7

As DualxBlades already informed you, we have a new editor. His ID is Killsacred and he’s the one who edited this chapter quickly. It’s thanks to him that I posted this quickly, so you should thank him. And so, here is … Continue reading

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Editor Selection Closed and Done.

I would like to thank the over 20 applicants I had for editor selection and of those the ones whose email I was actually able to open and read lol. I appreciate all the effort and hardwork of all the … Continue reading

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Gakusen Vol 8 Chap 6

I already translated all the chapters of volume 8. I’m waiting for a new editor to edit the chapters 7, 8 and epilogue. And I believe I’ll be able to post these last chapters next week. So, I want you … Continue reading

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