Gakusen vol 8 Epilogue

This is the epilogue of volume 8. With this, volume 8 is complete and I’ve already begun translating the first chapter of the volume 9. So look forward to it.

Editor: Killsacred

TLC: dragon1412

Enjoy it.

And if there’s someone gentle enough to make a pdf or epub of this volume, it’ll really help me.

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27 Responses to Gakusen vol 8 Epilogue

  1. killsacred says:

    It’s much easier to find motivation to do something that you enjoy. I too would also like to have a pdf of the latest volume, if somebody would be so kind as to make one and drop a link here.

  2. Kanata Yuuki says:

    i can’t make pdf so i just make epub for volume 8

  3. Village Idiot says:

    Vol 8 PDF

    Thanks for the translation and edit work everyone, love this series.

  4. kazuto12 says:

    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – Volume 8

  5. Subbu says:

    In “Licensed Gakusen Toshi Asterisk [Light Novel]” at AnimeSuki Forum, in page 7, Zedex has given a small summary of Volume 8 where there is also mention of Yabuki Eishirou meeting with his father after Saya’s confession scene:
    “” – 1 day break in the Festa, Saya asks Ayato out, using her wish ticket, and confesses that she’s loved him all this time, but don’t want an answer right away. (there’s a reason for her confessing, it’s during when she was stuck with Miluse that she realized it)
    – Yabuki Eishirou sees it.
    – Gets surrounded by shadowy figures, turns out it’s his father, Yabuki Busaishin (sp?) head of an Assassin/Infiltration (aka. Ninja) Group, the Night Hermit, which has a long history.
    – He has a job from Galaxy and doesn’t want Eishirou interfering, despite his friendly relations with the Student Council President. “”

    My question is, does this actually happen as mentioned, or does it occur in Volume 9???

  6. tsukihito says:

    Vanadis when??

    • Kelson says:

      I agree here, as a person who doesn’t paticularly read Gakusen and isn’t inrested in it. Any idea if/when you might translate Vanadis again? Sorry if you have posted something about this already Setsuna and i just missed it, or some other such reason, just curious and wanting to know. My desire and love to read Vanadis more demands of me that i ask :p

      • dualxblades says:

        Just scroll down the home page for our posts about projects and schedule; sigh people are so lazy anyway Madan is slated to be after a few vols of Saijaku.

      • 10minutemailftw says:

        That post you are talking about, is 16 posts down. The last release of Vanadis was about 6 months ago,.Therefore, someone who doesn’t visit the blog often/not at all, will not know how deep they need to dig to find an update about it, this is why it’s much easier to just ask about it.
        And by looking at length of his comment and his tone, he was definitely not lazy. You on the other hand are slandering someone who merely asked a legitimate question in a polite tone. Yet you reply like an utter asshole.

  7. Poominjayjay says:

    if somebody would be so kind as to make one and drop a link of pdf volume 7.

  8. AnimeQuay says:

    Setsuna, will you still be able to discuss general plotlines of the novels with us for let’s say volume 10? It will be great know just rough summaries or outlines of these. It will hurt me to not read about Sylvia for 2 years

  9. krut333 says:

    Hope you’ll translate Saijaku til vol 8 since 7 has a particularly interesting illustration

  10. scty says:

    First of all, thanks a lot for your hard work translating asterisk war and to your editors as well. Second, what’s the reason of stopping the translation to volume 9? Is it to support the official English translation?

  11. jomkingal says:

    Please tell me there will not be any NTR scene with Haruka-sama… I really want this to be a nice clean harem… Damn that chairman…. 😥 Anyway, thank you guys for translating this awesome light novel~ plan on picking this up sometime soon~ Currently watching the anime~

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