Gakusen Vol 8 Chap 7

As DualxBlades already informed you, we have a new editor. His ID is Killsacred and he’s the one who edited this chapter quickly. It’s thanks to him that I posted this quickly, so you should thank him.

And so, here is the chapter 7.

Editing done by Killsacred as you already know.

Enjoy it.

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5 Responses to Gakusen Vol 8 Chap 7

  1. devilsadvocate6 says:

    thank you setsuna, Killsacred. thanks guys!!

  2. Jhereg says:

    Thanks for taking up the reigns, Killsacred.

  3. Mathiason says:

    Thanks Setsuna86 and Killsacred!

  4. urug99 says:

    Whoa wasn’t expected new chapter to be done already!!! you guys rock

  5. Ulrick says:

    Thanks Setsuna and welcome Killsacred.
    Hope you’ll never post some useless stuff like some of the editors here nor advertise some other titles, merchandise or even movies. lol. It’s not even their website. Not everyone cares about your preferences or whatnot.
    It’s really hard to find updates and news when stuff like those gets in the way.
    Just a suggestion to you though. Welcome again, Killsacred.

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