Vanadis – Volume 14, Chapter 2 released

I’m very busy in RL. Which is why I can only translate slowly. I’m doing ny best, really.

Well, I wish you a good read.


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14 Responses to Vanadis – Volume 14, Chapter 2 released

  1. drake181 says:

    Thanks for the chap and as long as you’re able to translate its fine tho i would loove a pdf or if you could upload it to bakastuki site i usually read on the go

  2. 汚れました勇者 (@Rou_Roku) says:

    Thank you for the chapter
    And welcome back

  3. João paulo says:

    thanks for the chap !!!!

  4. Sam Konkel says:

    Can you please do Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica once you finish Vanadis?

  5. crisiscore38 says:

    Oooh! Nice! Thanks a lot!

    • Alex Mercer says:

      I understand ur busy, just curious about how the pdf for vol 13 is coming. Asked about it last year, so curious about an update.

  6. yuu says:

    Thank you so much for translation

  7. dragonosman2 says:

    Yeah, thanks for the chapter.

  8. Yosish Varma says:

    Thank you and I don’t mind if you translate slowly just please complete this series please

  9. Nial says:

    I think its more than 2 years since i last check this website but to think there is a new chapter of vanadis just released, well lucky me.

  10. emeralkat says:

    Woooooooo. Just happy to know it’s still being translated, no matter how slowly.

  11. ckhportfolio says:

    coming back in august 2020 before next chapter release =)

  12. BlackQueen13 says:

    Yo, you’re doing a great job, helping out all the people who want to continue this story. I just want to thank you for spending your very valuable time translating this light novel for us fellow fans. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading this story and it wouldn’t of been possible without you. No rush with following chapters, I’ll enjoy them as they come.

    Titta is best girl hands down.

  13. Nutaris says:

    I’ll take a slow translation over no translation any day. Thanks for continuing to work on this.

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