Vanadis – Volume 14, Chapter 2 released

I’m very busy in RL. Which is why I can only translate slowly. I’m doing ny best, really.

Well, I wish you a good read.


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34 Responses to Vanadis – Volume 14, Chapter 2 released

  1. drake181 says:

    Thanks for the chap and as long as you’re able to translate its fine tho i would loove a pdf or if you could upload it to bakastuki site i usually read on the go

  2. 汚れました勇者 (@Rou_Roku) says:

    Thank you for the chapter
    And welcome back

  3. João paulo says:

    thanks for the chap !!!!

  4. Sam Konkel says:

    Can you please do Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica once you finish Vanadis?

  5. crisiscore38 says:

    Oooh! Nice! Thanks a lot!

    • Alex Mercer says:

      I understand ur busy, just curious about how the pdf for vol 13 is coming. Asked about it last year, so curious about an update.

  6. yuu says:

    Thank you so much for translation

  7. dragonosman2 says:

    Yeah, thanks for the chapter.

  8. Yosish Varma says:

    Thank you and I don’t mind if you translate slowly just please complete this series please

  9. Nial says:

    I think its more than 2 years since i last check this website but to think there is a new chapter of vanadis just released, well lucky me.

  10. emeralkat says:

    Woooooooo. Just happy to know it’s still being translated, no matter how slowly.

  11. ckhportfolio says:

    coming back in august 2020 before next chapter release =)

  12. BlackQueen13 says:

    Yo, you’re doing a great job, helping out all the people who want to continue this story. I just want to thank you for spending your very valuable time translating this light novel for us fellow fans. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading this story and it wouldn’t of been possible without you. No rush with following chapters, I’ll enjoy them as they come.

    Titta is best girl hands down.

  13. Nutaris says:

    I’ll take a slow translation over no translation any day. Thanks for continuing to work on this.

  14. ShadowGod001 says:

    Fun fact, if he keeps translating one chapter per year, it will take like 15 years to finish the series. hahaha. Btw thanks for the great work!

  15. Keenan Reed says:

    If it’s difficult getting the translations done why not ask another TL for assistance and make it a joint project? It take some of the strain off yourself so you can focus on RL.
    I’m sure there are many that would help

  16. Janno says:

    What happened ? Do you really busy In Real Life ? What about your conviction to translate this till very end ?
    Forgive me to say in such rude manner, i really wish to see this series in english soon before i really forget this exist.

  17. CloakedGlydr says:

    I appreciate it dude!! I cant read Japanese, but I feel like your translations really transmit the original meaning. Keep up the good work!

  18. crm-02 says:

    Are you in need of manpower?

    Doing this alone must be tiring.

  19. Baranok says:

    Setsuna, just a heads up, InfiniteNovelTranslations is planning to start releasing Vanadis chapters in April. You should probably chat with them just to make sure your works don’t overlap.

  20. fgg says:

    Holy shit, mad kudos for keeping these translations up throughout the years! Love your work!

  21. marco says:

    setsuna where are you ?

  22. Justin says:

    I have a app that translates writing to English. If you want help just let me know. With this virus going on and being on lockdown, I have nothing but time. Let me know what you think. Just maybe we can work together and get the rest done.

  23. Joeminion says:

    Is there someone out there that already started translating this LN ? I am getting impatient because of slow release moreover there is no progress at all.

    P.s please setsuna if youre there at least give the readers some information regardless of this project, or at least the status

  24. Hello guys. I have talked with a guy from Mofumofu translation team. And he said he would like to pick up the series. Right after he finishes volume from other title. But it will not be free. I have set a group on facebook to get people to donate for translation. So, if you are interested, please join. If you dont have facebook we can work something out.

  25. TG says:

    Minna-san, the translation has been addressed by Sashu from InfiniteNovelTranslations, as other users mentioned above. Drop by to read the first part of chapter 3 that was released today so the translator can see the full extent of the people interested in seeing the project continued as soon as possible!

    • maximusfx300 says:

      Yes, if the people that have been reading this blog for the last couple of years and want to know how this story ends, please go to the link below. Another point is that depending of the people that read and comment about the translation, faster the chapters will be release. And last but not least he says that also would do the spin off series with Mila as the protagonist if the translation of the original gets enough attention, so please click that link and help end this wonderful story.

  26. jonasan says:

    I agree, guys do it this please

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