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Gakusen vol 9 Chapter 8 and Epilogue

Finally the chapter 8 and epilogue of Gakusen volume 9. If there is any translator interested in continuing this novel’s translation, please at least notify me. Anyway, after this come the chapter 2 of Saijaku vol 3 in editing. Also, … Continue reading

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Gakusen vol 9 three chapters updated

Sorry to have kept you waiting. As you know, unless a chapter isn’t edited and some sentences aren’t TLCed, I can’t post them; so for those, who can’t wait, I hope you’ll bear with this logic of mine in the … Continue reading

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Gakusen vol 9 Chapter 4

BTW, please stop asking questions about whether I’ll continue translating Saijaku or Madan. I’ve already said many times that I’ll translate them just after Gakusen. Before asking questions, please read the previous posts first. Here’s the chapter 4. Enjoy it. … Continue reading

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