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26 Responses to SOON

  1. Mhaj58 says:

    What is he alluding to? Saijaku v3 ch 2 or is he just teasing

    • dualxblades says:

      Basically Digital just means Saijaku’s TLing is going to start soon, so he’s just elated his baby is finally coming back after like a yr.

      • God Ginrai says:

        Are you gonna post Madan images when Saijaku is almost done being translated? 😛

      • dualxblades says:

        You’ll have to ask Setsuna about that as he’s the one that posts them.

      • God Ginrai says:

        “them” meaning the chapters? You can still make an unrelated post like DigitalAK27 did here, can’t you? 😛

      • dualxblades says:

        “Them” meaning images and chps. Besides I’m too lazy to get the pics and upload them -_-

  2. Vinh says:

    oh. this picture miss senpai and assasin girl =)))

  3. Mapuia_WaHaHo says:

    Praise the salvation is near.

  4. Chuck Atlas says:

    Yay!! Need more Saijaku and more Krulcifer!! bring on best girl ever!!

  5. jralvarez1 says:

    Isn’t there gonna be a season 2 of this?

    • A_Freak says:

      most comment i’ve seen says its bad or not as good as the LN. But for me i enjoyed it. The sole reason they said its bad because it doesn’t follow the LN 100% , however i think they forget most new anime only get 12 episode and to animated until at least 5 volumes if i’m not mistaken into 12 episodes is pretty much impossible which lead to those comment. In the end i would love to see 2nd season but if that happen means the LN pretty much gonna get license by yen press or other companies..

      • jralvarez1 says:

        If it happened now that would be a very small loss imo. I’d love to see this tl’ed whether it’s as a fan translation or an actual legitimate translation. I would just be happy to read it regardless of the fact that I would have to pay for it. And I’m asking if there’ll be another season not because of how the anime actually went, but because I read somewhere that a season 2 might already be in the works.

  6. Antharas says:

    I have the same opinion, i too enjoyed saijaku anime, although it went a bit too fast. But i would love if setsuna could translate madan first, i can’t wait to know what happen next.

    • Chingaruna517 says:

      ikr, I mean even the wikia’s efforts the events of Greast Arc and Showdown Arc are barely covered, except what we know what will going to happen. And then there is a new volume that introduces a new arc that we barely even know.

      • A_Freak says:

        calm down people. i think they already said they gonna alternate the translation between saijaku and madan plus madan already got cover so much already compared to saijaku. give saijaku fans a chance

  7. Anon says:

    Looking forward to it.

  8. CR says:

    Another spam by DigitalAK27 or is this some news of something?
    No description stated.
    New season or volume or what?

  9. CR says:

    Another spam by DigitalAK27 or is this an announcement of something?
    There’s no description or any content stated in the post.
    New season or volume or what?

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