Gakusen vol 9 Chapter 8 and Epilogue

Finally the chapter 8 and epilogue of Gakusen volume 9.

If there is any translator interested in continuing this novel’s translation, please at least notify me.

Anyway, after this come the chapter 2 of Saijaku vol 3 in editing.

Also, don’t forget to thanks these people who help:

Editor: Killsacred

TLC: dragon1412

Well, now enjoy them.

Chapter 8


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9 Responses to Gakusen vol 9 Chapter 8 and Epilogue

  1. Subbu says:

    Thank You… 🙂

  2. killsacred says:

    Gonna do the same as before and request that somebody please make a complete pdf of volume 9 ❤

  3. mordekaiser says:

    Rip the dream, been a good ride, thanks to all those involved in the translation.

  4. jorgelotr says:

    Didn’t you say last time that there was already someone who would continue it?

  5. Best Girl Never Wins says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    By the way, did anyone else try out the Gakusen video game for the PS Vita? I did. It’s…well, it’s what you’d expect to get out of a Gakusen video game.

    I did find that having separate routes to focus on each heroine independently makes the story flow much better though. Also, Julis is the best bro ever. Seeing Ayato’s interactions with her in the other girls’ routes made me realize how much of their chemistry is dependent on the idea that they were still friends and slowly developing romantic ties to each other. It doesn’t work as well in the LN because the author had to make her love Ayato immediately.

    TL;DR The game convinced me that Julis is second-best girl.

    Speaking of Best Girls, it seems the developers know Sylvie is objectively best, because if you complete all routes you unlock a secret option at the beginning that lets you finally give Best Girl the love she deserves.

    I’ll be perfectly honest that was kind of why I bought the game in the first place.

  6. Ary says:

    Somebody has the pdf vol 1-9?

  7. Nyururin says:

    I wonder if this will ever get picked up

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