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Update to Editor Selection.

There is no foreseeable deadline as of yet for editor applications and….    Deadline for editor applications will be before the start of May, thus the chosen one shall be selected by the start of May. SEND ONLY EDITED CHPS TO … Continue reading

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Editor Selection.

Only one can be chosen, step forth brave souls and venture into the harem-depths of Setsuna86 filled with plots and untold riches. Ahem* getting to business, I will be overseeing the selection for the new editor. List of requirements for … Continue reading

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Gakusen Chapter 4 updated

First, I would like to thank all those who answered to my appeal of an editor, but unfortunately, I can’t choose everyone. So I only choose one person among all those who offered their help. Again, thanks! Now, enjoy the … Continue reading

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Gakusen Chapter 3 updated

Editor: DualxBlades Yes, as you see above, DualxBlades edited a chapter of Gakusen, which he normally doesn’t do, as he’s the editor for Madan. That was the same for chapter 2 edited by DigitalAK27 which is normally the editor for … Continue reading

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Gakusen Chapter 2 updated

Editor: DigitalAK27 TLC: dragon1412 BTW, dragon1412 is, I guess, surely busy in RL currently, so I’m looking for someone free who can help me with TLC for the time being. Here is the chapter. Please, enjoy!  

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I’m now back!

I’ve been so busy in RL that I didn’t even have time to translate even one complete page in a chapter. But now, I’m back! I’ll update the already translated chapters in the way as you see in the status … Continue reading

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