Editor Selection.

Only one can be chosen, step forth brave souls and venture into the harem-depths of Setsuna86 filled with plots and untold riches.

Ahem* getting to business, I will be overseeing the selection for the new editor.
List of requirements for potential applicants.

1. English is your native language as Setsuna has said.

2. Your English  has to be at least at the high school level (preferably grade 11-12). You could be a 12 yr old for all I care if your English is at the high school level.

3. You must have read Gakusen, you don’t have to had read all of the Vols but enough to get the content and for context wise reasons.  

4. You must have a working email account you can be contacted at, and able to check it regularly.

5. Have Microsoft word, or a way to convert it into a word doc, as Word is the main program we used. It’s also the type of file you’ll get for editing.

Here is a version of a Gakusen chp for you to edit.


You can use foot notes and whatever else, as long as you use a different text color e.g like this to highlight the changes that you have made in the text. What I’m looking for is how you improve/fix the flow, grammar, and content errors in this version, not the one closest to the version on the blog. Once you’re finished send it as a word doc to this email here:


use the email you want to be contacted at to send it (this will be the main email  Setsuna will use to send you chps if you become the editor). If you have any questions just put a comment below and I will answer it asap ( I check the blog several times a day).

PS. a nice bonus would be if you have Steam or Skype as Digital and I talk with each other on them, it’s convenient to ask questions and look for help as well.



About dualxblades

Editor at Baka Tsuki, and Setsuna86. Only interested in Light Novels, Manga, and Anime with busty heroines...
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13 Responses to Editor Selection.

  1. kcz117 says:

    Lol, all but one. A native Californian, taken several college-level English classes(A’s of course), I constantly check my e-mail cause I gotta check my transfer status to university, and I got Microsoft Word 2013. I also have a Skype. Unfortunately, I haven’t read Gakusen. Just wanted to help out so I could get my Madan faster, oh well.

    • dualxblades says:

      Lol it would be great if you have read Gakusen and having an editor for Gakusen isn’t going to speed up Madan releases. It just means the Gakusen chps get release faster but Setsuna’s rate of tl stays the same. Since it’s not like he’s tling both of them at the same time and I’m editting both of them. Rather it’s Gakusen then onto the other 2 projects.

  2. Brandon says:

    could you upload saijaku muhai no bahamut volume 8 and 9 pictures please

  3. ryaaansuuun says:

    I was wondering if I could leave the original text in black and write underneath it the edited version in a different color, and is there a deadline for sending it?

  4. Ntogg says:

    My native language is English. My english is at least at the high school level and I have read Gakusen, enough to get the content and for content wise reasons. I have microsoft word and I have skype as well

  5. Okay, so:
    ✓ English as native language
    ✓ At least high school level english
    ✓ Has read Gakusen (will re-read to remember some events)
    ✓ Has working and frequently checked e-mail
    ✓ Has Microsoft Word
    ✓ Has a Steam acct. (can’t play on laptop tho)

  6. Sonicfanx1 says:

    Would love to edit, but the Gakusen anime kinda ruined me and I don’t want to touch this series. I’ll try to read the LN though.

    • dualxblades says:

      Lol believe me after Madan and Saijaku adaptions I’m done with adaptions. Gakusen was actually decent imho. The ln is pretty good I recommend it.

  7. Barry says:

    would there be a dead line when the editing would need to be done by.

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