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For those who are wondering about why there weren’t any updates up till now

I’m still active, so no worry on that side. It’s just that I found a job, so the time I have to translate decrease (about 4h per day now). And also I want to say that there are many chapters which … Continue reading

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A Small Head-Up

Just to tell the readers of Saijaku that the prologue of the volume 3 has been translated. And the translator isn’t me, but Kuratatsu. Rememeber him? If not, then know that he’s the one who often helps me with the TLC … Continue reading

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Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Light Novel Series Gets TV Anime

So the anime adaptation of Lux’s adventure of falling through a roof is happening. I don’t really know what to say other than that I’m excited for this and that I’m hoping that it will not meet a budget crisis … Continue reading

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Stopping translating for the time being

I just want to say that I’ll stop translating for the time being as I’m really busy in RL these days. But, I promise I’ll resume translating the 15/05/2015 after I’m over with the work in RL. So sorry. BTW, … Continue reading

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