Stopping translating for the time being

I just want to say that I’ll stop translating for the time being as I’m really busy in RL these days. But, I promise I’ll resume translating the 15/05/2015 after I’m over with the work in RL. So sorry.

BTW, I’ll post the Gakusen volume 7 chapters after they’re done being edited, so no pb on that end.

That’s all and thank you in advance for your understanding!

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41 Responses to Stopping translating for the time being

  1. rizyun says:

    no prob
    see you next week then 😀

  2. gohanish says:

    thanks a lot for the chapter

  3. Oblos says:

    It’s ok setsuna! Not all of us are crazy like me xD I’m posting this 10 minutes before an AP exam

  4. rhaos says:

    i shall wait for your return.
    and thank you for your translations.

  5. teh 1 says:

    It’s okay, I’m only planning to read after you’re done with the complete volume anyway.

    /selfish comment

    By the way, really, really thank you for the Madan no Ou translations. Of the many works I’ve read, it’s one of the bestest [sic]. I truly wish if I knew Japanese and read the original source material.

  6. happinezz001 says:

    well so that is why the translation kinda stopped cuz i kinda expected chapter 2 to be done quite a while a go based on how fast you finished chapter 1. well take your time with your work i guess so see ya next week

  7. natsumiloves says:

    take care 🙂 RL is more important than TL-ing. hope you get back soon xD

  8. MathiasonThe5th says:

    Well as they say life happens. I’ve done a little translating of a manga in Spanish with Google Translate so I have a little bit of an idea of how time consuming and stressful it can be so I’ll just try to handle the withdrawal and anticipation quietly and patiently despite being much crazier than Oblos 😀 Its good to know when to step back and take a break when you need it. And if anyone has complaints about the delay or time taken they should try translating stuff themselves if they thinks its so simple 😛 Looking forward to you getting back on the 15th. And please translate Bahamut Volume 3 after you finish with Vanadis 11 and Asterisk 7 as I’m going crazier trying to figure out how Lux will handle Celestia but regretfully am only able to get migraines and little results from my translation attempts from the Spanish manga :p

    • setsuna86 says:

      I’m planning to translate ch6, 7 and epilogue of Gakusen vol 7 before beginning Saijaku vol 3

      • MathiasonThe5th says:

        Ok, glad to hear that. Will look forward to the translations, just make sure to always get plenty of rest. 🙂

      • kenneth says:

        Bro do you know anyone willing to continue mahouka kou kou no rettousei or atleast the vol 14 chp 3 the very least finish it 😦

      • setsuna86 says:

        I think Mahouka translation stopped due to yen press taking it.

  9. No Problem. Take your time Setsuna. Im pretty sure that ppl who read ur blog right now have exams…(me included XP)

  10. Random Anon says:

    Good luck! and thanks for your hard work.

  11. dualxblades says:

    Lol well I’m out of a job I guess :/ time to go edit my piled up projects on Baka-Tsuki

  12. malethicus says:

    Funny how things turn out, my exams go from now till the 15th…

  13. Mark remedios says:

    Uh RL I hate that novel

  14. Chingaruna says:

    Ah man…what about Madan no Ou to Vanadis series? You still going to do it right?

  15. nicholaevich says:

    Don’t worry, bro
    we r fine ass long ass you translate these wonderful novels

    Some times I just wish that I was born in Japan than in Canada T_T

  16. haseo131 says:

    Take your time, man. I’ll be waiting for GT v7 😉

  17. chad001 says:

    Good luck with whatever it is that’s happening.

  18. its saddening but please take care of your life, i prefer waiting than have you ruin your life over it, thanks in advance.

  19. Mr.Synonimous says:

    Just don’t force yourself. Thx 4 the hardwork

  20. DigitalAK27 says:

    For those wondering where the next edited chapter is I’ve just moved into my place and I’ve been focusing on settling in. I’ll pump out the the edits soon, at least by the beginning of next week.

  21. GL says:

    Sure no problem, real life is more important.

  22. hano says:
    another volume of gakusen is coming up on 05/25
    thank you for your translation and good luck with your RL

  23. Razor says:

    No Prob,,,,, we will wait for you to translate again … Thanks for notification

  24. elberetet says:


  25. elberetet says:

    trailer for it:

    congratulations Setsuna!!! All your projects will be in Anime 🙂
    Great health to you in future and luck for new translations!

  26. meganeshounen says:

    So… some dreams do come true, after all.

  27. haseo0408 says:

    Take all the time you nedd, and thank you so much for the translations.

  28. Chuck Norris says:

    The Editor is taking too much time fuckk
    Thr translation is way faster than the editing lol fuck

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      I really was busy. When I got to editing I finished all the gakusen chapters a day each. Mind you I even have a full time job and moving into a new home with literally no furniture and basic housing items, like shower curtains, plates, Internet, garbage cans does take priority. If you are wondering where the said edited chapters are, they are being TLC by kuratasu. And I can’t blame you if you think I’m taking too much time, but I did smash Kuratasu with 3 large chapters at once so it might take a bit longer than expected and real life shit comes first, so wait for a week or two more. You’re not exactly losing anything from it.

      • Kuratatsu says:

        Just to clarify, I finished tlcing Gakusen last Sunday. Also, I finished Saijaku chp 1 on Tuesday. Where those chapters are though, only the Elder Gods know.

      • setsuna86 says:

        I’ll post them when I’ve time this week end. I’m busy translating Madan now.

    • happinezz001 says:

      yeah you shouldn’t rush them in completing the chapters

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