For those who are wondering about why there weren’t any updates up till now

I’m still active, so no worry on that side. It’s just that I found a job, so the time I have to translate decrease (about 4h per day now). And also I want to say that there are many chapters which are almost ready. And when Madan’s editing is done, I’ll post them all at once.

As for the chapters almost ready to be posted:

-Gakusen volume 7 Chapters 3, 4 and 5

-Saijaku volume 3 Chapter 1 (translated by Kuratatsu (Fenrisulfr on animsesuki) of course)

You wouldn’t have waited long for naught.

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34 Responses to For those who are wondering about why there weren’t any updates up till now

  1. rizyun says:

    cant wait til madan ou got released >.<

  2. ryuketsu says:

    good luck with yar job!

  3. Moissonneur66 says:

    Thanks for the heads up bro ;P

  4. Lucied777 says:

    Thank you

  5. gohanish says:

    finally bahamut , thanks a lot .

  6. happinezz001 says:

    waitin for gakusen

  7. KrulciferBestGirl says:

    grats on getting a job. Out of curiosity, what is it?

  8. finally bahamut..thx a lot 🙂

  9. Onemanleft says:

    Hey, thanks for using your free time to translate even though you’re very busy. I appreciate the good work and good luck!

  10. HellBlazer says:

    finally bahamut thank you and good luck in the work

  11. spanner says:

    I appreciate what your doing but if something isn’t going to come out when you say it is could you put a notification somewhere so we know

  12. God of the Shield says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you’re still alive
    Waiting for more Vanadis & Asterisk

  13. Chingaruna says:

    Thank you and congratulations for a new job. I could hope that the Vanadis series will be updated as soon as possible….

  14. AnonAnon says:

    Bahamut at last~ Though I’ll hold off on reading it for now, I usually wait until the whole volume is done, so I don’t have to wonder about what comes next :3

  15. DNAnime says:

    No worries man, GL with the job. Makes me so happy that Bahamut’s getting some love though.

  16. failureknight says:

    thx for a heads up i almost thought that you dropped madan already and good luck with your real life and new job 🙂

  17. Haha says:

    Release if you can.. dont if you cant… and just close down the site if you want to try to commit in somethinf else ither than translation.
    Im just a leecher that reads along whatever free stuff that comes along anyway…
    Theres still google translate if I am desperate for releases..
    Take your time. Imo

  18. nicholaevich says:

    Just saying, but can u make ur blog mobile friendly?

    • DigitalAK27 says:

      Is there something wrong with the normal layout? I use my phone to visit the website regularly and don’t see anything wrong with it.

      • Anon_dude says:

        I think he means have everything where they’re supposed to be. It seems everything is spread out, and occasionally, even new chapters and the ilk are only mentioned or available by reading through comments.

    • happinezz001 says:

      yeah i never actually noticed anything wrong either

  19. Greywolf_793 says:

    I think he is referring to the fact that it is harder to navigate because you cant hover your pointer over the drop-down menus with a touch-screen like you can with a mouse so if you press on the actual items on the menu you have to go through each screen individually till you get to the chapter.

    • yascob99 says:

      There should be some solutions to it if that was what he was referring to. It definitely is possible to make a mobile version of the site via wordpress plugins. I’ll find some options and see if setsuna wants to add a mobile version.

  20. Shawn says:

    What’s the next novel that’s gonna be focused on after Madan 11

  21. Lộc Cao says:

    Thanks again.
    really hope to see vol11 come out.

  22. daikama says:

    Just adding to what others said. Do what you need to do with RL/work, and thanks for continuing to translate Madan. 😀

  23. All the best for your job and balancing your translations and real life necessities! Also, thank you for keeping up with the translations ^^ really looking forward to them!

  24. happinezz001 says:

    i just came upon this pic on facebook

  25. OL says:

    congrats on the job and thank you

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