A Small Head-Up

Just to tell the readers of Saijaku that the prologue of the volume 3 has been translated. And the translator isn’t me, but Kuratatsu. Rememeber him? If not, then know that he’s the one who often helps me with the TLC of my translation. He’s decided to help me a little. Please, note that he’s a beginner translator (well I can already call him a pro when having reading one of his translations), so don’t hope a fast translation from him; and he’ll translate only the chapters he wants to translate and when he wants to translate. So please don’t ask questions such as ‘why is the translation so slow?’ or the like.

Well with that said, enjoy the first official translation from Kuratatsu. Here is the link.

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15 Responses to A Small Head-Up

  1. raj says:

    Ohk, but don’t tell me you are going to leave it alone plz you said you will translate after gakusen V7

  2. rickiminato says:

    Hell yeah the three main project of this blogs get anime, setsuna are you happy about this

  3. Sathanus says:


  4. yascob99 says:

    Good to hear we have another translator(Even if he’s temporary). I’m so happy though so many good LNs are getting animes; Gakusen, Antimagic Academy, Bahamut, Rakudai Kishi and Hundred. DanMachi also got one this season. What next? Tate no Yuusha? Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden? Encore? At this rate there will be a lot less Translated LNs without Animes. I would love if Arifureita got one but I’m pretty sure that hasn’t even got an LN =( so an Anime for that is definitely not coming anytime soon.

  5. Chingaruna says:

    I could only hope that the Vanadis story still put as a priority.

  6. good guy says:

    I think you should make a backup incase of Dmcas cause I can’t afford to lose anyone after solitary translation got… You know what I mean

    • yascob99 says:

      It’s not likely unless they get the LN licensed in english and the fact that DanMachi is really popular in japan probably added to the speed and amount that got taken down. Even so it took a good while after the first volume was realesed in english before it got DMCAed.

      Personally I find the solution is to save a PDF of each volume or even download the site’s html if you feel it’s necessary. That way the translator is not at risk and can take it down and continue on other series. Sure you don’t get more translations for that series but as long as it’s not a super long series it only takes between 1-3 years to catch up (keep in mind that you have the PDFs if you want to re-read and if the TLer is on a new series then you still get translations during that time if they decide to pick one up) and it’s always good to support the author (you don’t want your favorite series to stay partially translated in english because the compnany dropped it while still having the rights to it, do you?).

      For those who missed doing so on a couple series there are always ways to get them even now if you look hard enough or ask the right people (me <–).

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