A New Link added in my blogroll: krytykal

“it the site of a translator who was translating antimagic academy and Elysion Virtual region in bakatsuki but left for many reasons….you can find that stuff in his blog.

i think it would help since many people are still searching for these series and anyone who havent read the yet should give them a try they are pretty good.”

Post as a comment to me by kanel. And I show it for those who like reading.

Well, personally, I find it interesting. So you should also visit that blog.

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31 Responses to A New Link added in my blogroll: krytykal

  1. Rizez says:

    @kanel link?

  2. kanel says:

    he added in the blog roll in the right but anyway here is is


    THANK you very much setsuna…realy didnt expect you to put it as new announcement but this is better truly

  3. lucied says:

    Have been checking it ever since the prologue of OSO came out XD

    • lucied says:

      Oh, and a slight heads up, they are not putting their work anymore @ BT. So if you want to read their work, need to go to their web

      • yascob99 says:

        If you want to know why he stopped posting on BT read the first post on the blog it should tell you everything you need to know and probably more. P.S. OSO is pretty damn good and he translated the whole first volume in 1 week.

      • krytyk worked like a speeding race car for finishing OSO’s first volume in a week…

  4. krytyk says:

    yaawn, thanks for the link. It’s helpful; since I don’t have ‘to-chapter’ links from bt… and won’t have.

    • Schwarze says:

      whoa i was wondering why elysion and antimagic academy is highlighted by red in my bakareaderEX, so there’s a reason behind it, well nice knowing u still translating other LN, keep up the good work krytyk!

      P.S on other topic, is dual-bladez missing atm? usually his edits are lightning speed!

      • yascob99 says:

        Nah I think he just started school again so that could be delaying him a bit. If not probably something else to do with RL

      • kanel says:

        on an unrelated note if you DONT update a Ln status from bakareaderEX even if the project has been removed you will mainten the volumes you already have.

        i still have in my cellphone antimagic and elysion and even sword art online and accel world.

      • Valky says:

        @kanel : I have SAO, AW and the others too, but when I change smartphone and tried to import the data , the font are too small to read (I switch to a better resolution one). Tried to fiddle with the CSS Layout, still the same.

        Can I ask what smartphone you’re using bakareader on?

      • kanel says:

        hmmm…i personaly just passed all the data to th memory stick and then passed it to my new phone when i changed…it worked fine..

        and while the two phone had completly different resolutions and different production companies…dont why it happend to you…

        are the other Ln still readable?

      • Valky says:

        Well, I used mSD on my previous phone, but my new phone doesn’t have mSD slot, so I kinda just copy the folder in data (erakk.lnreader) to my new phone, but it somehow became like that.

        Do you mind to upload your latest version of the database? If you can, I’d be most grateful.

      • kanel says:

        i can try but it will propably be some time tommorow or the day after…i am kinda busy with exams right now and i have never do it before.

      • Valky says:

        Alright, thanks.

  5. Drachen says:

    Does anyone knows when vol 10 of Madan no ou to vanadis will be out

  6. dualxblades says:

    Yeh school started up again, plus just finished with my summer part time job. Anyway the chps should be out this week. I just hope Kry keeps tling OSO for the moment I don’t got time to do both Saijaku and Antimagic….

  7. koko says:

    its good to see kry link all over the place, with this even without BT many ppl would still find his blog and enjoy the novel.

    • blackhawkrider says:

      well said! I have read a lot of light novel on BT and Japtem. However, I wanted more so I used the almighty google and different forums and found Kyr’s blog and setsuna’s. Of course, those aren’t the only one but they have my current favorites 😛

  8. dualxblades says:

    K got day off tmr so if I don’t finish editing tonight will be done tmr.

    EDIT: Scratch that got sick….going super slow O_O will be done on Friday hopefully…if I’m still alive.

    • lucied says:

      Finally, I have some chapters I can read, I have been scavenging any novels worth to read around the net within this few days. Thank you 2 Setsuna & Dual.

    • Mike says:

      つ _ つ Blades gieff edit

      And now that the troll post is done.
      Get well!
      Don’t tire yourself out too much, burnout isn’t fun!

  9. Sukun says:

    horayy. i’m looking for it

  10. Bacon says:

    ummm. I was banned from krytykal.org apparently. and I didn’t even do anything, anyone know whats up with this? I made no comments or changes to website or anything other than visit and read OSO.

  11. SilverSakuraBlossom says:

    Antimagic academy I have read the manga but couldn’t read the light novel because It got deleted 😦

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