I need your opinion

I know that I had decided to continue with the translations of Gakusen volume 6, but some people proposed that I should continue with Saijaku volume 2. So I’m a little lost at what to do.

Therefore I made this poll so that you help me to decide on what to continue:

Know that you have only one week to vote (as in one week, I continue translating after the break)

BTW, it goes without saying that if Madan is released in the meantime, I will continue with it.

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83 Responses to I need your opinion

  1. babapo741 says:

    We really don’t have the right to decide what you’ll be translating though…although to be honest i voted for gakusen hahaha…you should just do what you want :3 thanks for the ch6,7, and the epilogue btw..

    • setsuna86 says:

      Either is fine with me, so that’s why I made this poll to know what you guys think.

      • babapo741 says:

        I can see the importance of that poll now XD

      • Natsume says:

        I hope it’ll be Gakusen ! I wanted since the raw was released.Really want to know what happened after the end of the volume 5.

      • light102 says:

        I hope it’ll be Gakusen ! I also like Saijaku but I have waited until September to see Gakusen being translated. I hope you can do gakusen volume 6 first.Well,i know it’s your right to choose project freely but i think it is a bit unjust for Gakusen lovers because they have waited for a long time 😀 Thank you for translating Gakusen and.Saijaku from the start.Sorry for the bad English. 😀

      • Natsume says:

        If i remberer correctly, you said you’ll translate the volume of Gakusen after the volume 1 of Saijaku (it was just before you translate the volume 1 of Saijaku). And there is still 3 others volumes for Saijaku, so i think you should catch up with the release of Gakusen before another volume come out ! (Sorry if my english is bad, i’m French.)

      • light102 says:

        Because Saijaku is winning in the poll so i know that you will do Saijaku volume 2 first.Can you consider Gakusen as side-project,please? I hope sometime you can translate a small part of Gakusen while Saijaku is your priority,please. Gakusen readers have waited for a long time so i hope you can translate a small part of gakusen. I know it’s your right to decide what you will translate first but can you consider about my request. I really want to know what happen after volume 5 of Gakusen. Thank you again for everything you’ve done.

  2. lifeman120 says:

    we’ll the thing is: people just read bahamut so they are still into that story and wanna read more instantly, we haven’t read gakusen for a while so most people can wait for that a little longer i guess.
    but that’s just how i view things so i’m not saying this for other people, LET THE VOTING BEGIN!

  3. Valky says:

    Saijaku please. Kurulucifer FTW.

  4. GunSeraph says:

    I really appreciate the choice, and while I am of the same mind as babapo741 (you should do what you feel most comfortable with) I really do look forward to Bahamut. If I remember correctly Volume 2 is the Kuru-centric one, and she seems to be the best heroine.
    In any case:
    a huge thank you for doing this!

  5. Kuratatsu says:

    I’ll go with saijaku, if only for the lower chuuni terms, also kururu ftw xD

  6. Someone says:

    I prefer Saijaku. Volume 2 seems to be really interesting and promissing. Well that’s just my opinion. Only one volume of Saijaku is just not enough haha. I’m loving the series so far !

  7. Sarksz says:

    I prefer saijaku too since gakusen already catch up to the latest volume we can wait for 1vol well up to you though setsuna lol

  8. ophiis says:

    I think it’s better to keep things the way they are now, translating 1 volume of each different novel per time. It’s really unjust to the people waiting for Gakusen to have to wait more just because some selfish people who can’t wait keep pastering the translator. ;(

    • Shuu says:

      I think that too ! Some people have waited for Gakusen V6 since it’s released in Japan. So, you should translate it first ! (and like that you’ll catch up the japanese book) Really hope you’ll translate Gakusen

      • Shuu says:

        Oh and Setsuna, i think it’s better to not do a poll. ( peoples always cheat on them and increases the vote on their choice. The translator at SolitaryTranslation dropped a serie because of this.)

  9. Grey says:

    we arent pestering anybody here i think, like the post say Setsuna himself is asking us to chose not cause ‘some selfish people who can’t wait’ like you said
    sry for my bad english im french
    Sinon un grand merci pour ton travail Setsuna bon continuation!

  10. Mike says:

    I like the idea of catching up saijaku.
    It may be easier as well to continue with what is familiar?

    Madan no ou can’t come soon enough though!

  11. FunkyBacon says:

    Saijaku foreva~~ We must see all that Kurulucifer action.

  12. Kuro says:

    Salut, pour commencer ; Merci pour tes traductions !! Et pour finir, je pense que tu devrais traduire “Gakusen Toshi Asterisk v06”. Certaines personnes attendaient que tu le traduises et tu as déjà fait le volume 1 de “Saijaku” donc ça devrait être bon. Et en plus, si tu repousses Gakusen, le temps que tu traduises le volume 2, je pense que le nouveau volume de Madan no Ou sortira.(si je m’en rappelle bien, Madan = projet prioritaire). Donc Gakusen sera repoussé encore plus loin ! C’était ce que j’avais à dire mais la décision finale t’appartient. (Même si j’espère que tu prendras Gakusen 😀 ) Bonne Continuation !!

  13. dm says:

    I would say it depends on whether you would stick with translating saijaku to current release(at Vol 4 I think now?) or not? If your not going to stick with it, so they can be read, sort of back to back(minus translating time) Translate gakusen 1st.

  14. dualxblades says:

    I for one am up for whatever anyway about 1/3 of the way done with chp 7 and I got sick yesterday…..sigh .___.

  15. Xavi says:

    Saijaku has my vote, I want to know more about Kurulucifer 😉

  16. wardroid34 says:

    Saijaku please…. the PHOENIX just ended for Gakusen so i think saijaku which is just beginning will be more fun.. MADAN is still the BEST though(MC aside)…

  17. Sukun says:

    Saijaku please.

  18. maqui says:

    I prefer you continue on to vol.2 after vol.5 of gakusen i lost a bit of the interest , in my opnion the battles lost their quality, only i think this?sorry for my english

  19. raj says:

    Bahumat please

  20. reed says:

    The girls and MC seems to be more interesting on Bahamut, so I vote for that.

  21. krambharos95 says:

    dude i go for Gakusen Toshi Asterisk then Madan no Ou to Vanadis if it is out by then or back to Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut if it is not out because saijaku has 4 volume out now
    also dude thank for the translation you rock
    whatever you pick dude i wont mind
    thank for the hard work on this

  22. coolup87 says:

    Kurulucife ~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙂

  23. currypuff says:

    Sorry Gakusen, Kurulucifer is just better than any of your girls…

  24. dualxblades says:

    First of all unless you guys have read the raws, you guys all keep saying Kurulucifer is the best. You guys just judging from the illus u seen, just wait and see there are more girls to come…Personally I prefer the girl in VOl 3 that was mention briefly in VOL 1. Anyway 6 am now and VOL 1 done…time to go crash.

  25. happinezz001 says:

    in my opinion I prefer to read gakuen toshi vol 6 because I saw some very interesting illustrations

    but I would fully respect what ever you decide to do first

    P.S keep up the good work on the translations 🙂

  26. Phoenix VII says:

    World’s most difficult poll! I think I’ll go with Saijaku though, I like the characters just a tiny bit more.

    Thank you for translating such great series.

  27. SAIJAKU ftw! if you ask me 😀

  28. goshujinsama says:

    setsuna , could you please translate this interview given by the author of madan http://blog.livedoor.jp/geek/archives/51452132.html.

  29. Nilo says:

    Please translate Gakusen Toshi first. The volume 10 of Madan no Ou will be out the 24th October, so you’ll don’t have the time to translate Gakusen if you choose Saijaku volume 2 now. The fan of Gakusen have been waiting since the release of the raw version of the volume 6. I know it’s you who have the last word but i hope you’ll translate Gakusen first. Thanks for all your translations so far and Good Luck for the rest.
    As a side note, if i remember correctly, you said one of your friend will translate Seiken Tsukai no World Break in September, do you know if he still want to translate it and if it’s yes, do you know when he’ll translate it ?

  30. sabaddon says:

    MADAN NO OU VOL10 OCTOBER 24 2014!

  31. dualxblades says:

    Where did you guys hear this from, can I get a link to confirm?

  32. hazert says:

    I’ll want Saijaku to be translated first if Setsuna won’t mind. BTW this is my rank for the novel in here [ 1 – Madan 2 – Saijaku 3 – Gakusen ] everyone taste will be different though.

  33. goshujinsama says:

    bakatsuki (魔弾の王と戦姫〈ヴァナディース〉10 (24 October 2014,ISBN 978-4-04-067124-6)

  34. required says:

    Why not alternate? Do one chapter of one, and one chapter of the other?

    • kyosukedei says:

      Consistencey and story. Duh? This isn’t a web novel in which case I a TLER may alternate, but LN generally TLers like to be consistent (with all the different speifics in a story).

      Personally I voted for Gakusen, but it seems 4000 other people want Bahamut, which honestly isn’t a bad thing. I’m just glad Setsu plans to keep Tling here on his blog =D

  35. Kinji says:

    AT-X October 4th 8.00pm
    http://madan-anime.jp/onair.html reference

    • AcOo says:

      Great can’t wait to see what it looks like, The chara design is really different. They look older, or I would say it’s closer to the manga adaptation.
      But I didn’t know Titta’s chest was so small. Is it a chara design mistake?
      Yeah I know it’s dumb to notice this kind of detail…

  36. Delta says:

    thanks for translating saijuka volume 1

  37. Clarkken228 says:

    I can’t understand why there are so many people want Saijaku that much. I find it very cliche and annoying (srr saijaku lovers but that’s my opinion). I prefer Gakusen more, the girls are more likable especially the REAL HEROINE. I waited 2 months for the vol 6 and now it’s likely to be longer because the trend of people who just read vol 1 and want to know more. Very annoyed.

    • Gakusen Toshi says:

      I don’t think they are so many people who want Saijaku ( at least no soo much). Some people cheat on the poll to increase the vote of the LN they choose.
      If Setsune choose to translate Saijaku now, we will have to wait many month before GTA v6 because Madan no Ou V10 will be out the 24th October. ( and we don’t know if he’ll translate Saijaku V3 or GTA v6 after Madan no Ou v10)

      • Someone says:

        That’s nonsense. Then we can say that Gakusen fans are cheating on the poll to increase it likewise… and if some guys don’t find Gakusen cliche then tell me the new meaning of that word ! Saijaku is way better (in my opinion of course) than Gakusen.

      • coolup87 says:

        i have already read both of the novel and i must say right now i am more interested on saijaku bahamut vol 2 mostly because of kurulucifer arc 😛 , u have no idea how massive the fan are there for this novel compare to gokusen toshi .

      • Gakusen Toshi says:

        Yeah, but the fan of Gakusen have been waiting months. He already translated a volume of Saijaku, so he can do a volume of Gakusen and in October he will do a volume of Madan no Ou. In the end, Setsuna will decid what he will do.

    • FrogPotato says:

      Saijaku is more cliche than Gakusen? and how is Julis more “REAL” than Risha? I’d say both are equally cliche and gakusen has 5/6 volumes translated and saijaku has 1/4.

      • Clarkken228 says:

        A likable tsundere, more princess-like behavior unlike lisha. She’s not like those typical tsundere in many ln out there who falls for someone after about 4 chapters. And the real heroine i said here is the one mc will be likely to end up to, not a bunch of love interests appearing. Reading saijaku is like reading IS, i know many people will like it because of the harem. I hate IS no flaming here

    • anony says:

      You know what’s cliche? Sealed power, power of friendship and annoying tsundere archetype.

      Funnily in 1 volume the girl on Saijaku show more personality than most girl on Gakusen (ayato this, ayato that).

      Find it unfair? That’s life, you can’t get everything you want, learn Japanese if you’re so perplexed rather than blaming everyone else, that’s more productive.

      • Clarkken228 says:

        Heh~ so u think julis is “annoying tsundere type” huh. Pft.
        A boy who is good-looking falls into the girls academy’s bathroom, push down a princess and be misunderstood. The principal makes him into a student of that girls academy. He has a duel with that princess and smt interupts the duel. He shows off and the princess falls for him……. -_- i read to the part where they are having a match, the last part is made by me but am i right?
        Power of friendship is not a cliche. Do u even know what cliche means?
        I respect Setsuna, and i won’t flame war on his blog. I won’t reply to u anymore cuz it’s annoying.

      • FrogPotato says:

        @clarkken Did you even read through the entire volume of saijaku? or did you just pass judgement on what few chapters you read, because if you take out the principal invitation and change the misunderstanding you do describe asterisk and even other lns opening funny huh?

  38. Someone says:

    Let the poll decide, just that. Saijaku ftw !

  39. heedtheweed says:

    I voted Gakusen due to less volumes (1) being needed to reach the current release in Japan. I am fond of both, but Saijaku was a newer project. Just trying to approach it from a different angle.

  40. PhoneJack says:

    imo the only reason you getting so much begging to translate Gakusen is because they know they’re not going to win the poll. Don’t get me wrong, if Saijaku fans were losing the poll i could see people making excuses to translate Saijaku first. But in the end it’s still a 7:3 ratio to translate Saijaku. So yea, there’s my say on this issue.

  41. dualxblades says:

    Whoah looks lik we got a fire fight going on here well it’s all up to u guys anyway…Setsuna and I will just watch and work on whatever you u guys pick. Mhmm the poll needs a dead line maybe well prob dead line is when Setsuna finishes his break.

  42. Lettuce says:

    Go with the one u can translate faster(more easy one or shorter) coz madan is out soon. U might(or already plan to) not be able to finish one volume bevore madan and then u have to decide stop mid volume and translate madan or finish volume coz ppl ask for it. It is not easy to stick on a time table for hobbys like this and either way followers of this blog will cry.

  43. Sarksz says:

    In the end ,the one who decide is our 2 heroes setsuna(especially him) and dualblade lets just enjoy whatever they release in the end all people gonna enjoy the translation anyway and by the way insulting the story is lame and whatsoever the same like u insulting the author and setsuna&dualblade who translate and editing it

  44. BloodBrother says:

    I think the answer is already evident.

  45. ahsie says:

    I personally would want Gakusen translated just because I’m already up to volume 4 for Saijuku.

    Objectively, I feel Saijuku starts much better than Gakusen. Gakusen didn’t hit its sweet spot until volume 4 or 5 whereas Saijuku hits the ground running.

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