About Gakusen

I just finished translating Gakusen volume 8 and you’ll have to wait for the editing.

BTW, would someone be kind enough to send me the volume 9 raw epub version in my e-mail so I can continue with the translation. I have the volume 9., but in scan; so it’ll take time to convert it in order to translate after. That’s why I’m asking for an epub version. Please.

Here is my e-mail adresse: willem195@gmail.com.

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6 Responses to About Gakusen

  1. elberetet says:

    We can do better offer, but you don’t go on contact. It is soooo pity…

  2. Mid Nightx says:

    Thanks a lot Setsu!!

  3. dustaker says:

    Hi, I just checked out this website and thank you I can finally read Asterisk, I have a question for volume 6, isn’t her name Orphelia instead of Ophelia? I’m not professional at Japanese but just asking, thank you!

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