Hi everybody, so while I’m editing Gakusen atm I’m putting up this notice since people keep asking.

The schedule for what comes next is this currently:

– GAKUSEN Vol 6-7

– MADAN Vol 11

Then it’s either SAIJAKU* or who knows if GAKUSEN Vol 8 will be out by then.

And yes, it was necessary to bold this whole thing because I know people are going to keep asking and this should hopefully attract their monkey-level brains to pay attention to this post and stop asking. No offense to any actual monkeys out there reading this.


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Editor at Baka Tsuki, and Setsuna86. Only interested in Light Novels, Manga, and Anime with busty heroines...
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22 Responses to Note.

  1. Sathanus says:

    God damn it. Not Mad, Just Sad.

  2. rickiminato says:

    Im not a monkey lol , i like the idea about the order of the traslation but i think after the volumen 11 of madam , setsuna traslate saijaku

    • Yuuki says:

      Well, while I too want to read Saijaku, i think it’s better to catch up with the japanese release. (like for Madan)

    • dualxblades says:

      Who knows Setsuna doesn’t want to fall behind on Gakusen again, since after all Gakusen is the priority proj. after Madan. But then again people seem to want Saijaku more lol so he’ll see I guess. It depends if Gakusen Vol 8 is out by the time he finishes tling Madan and other factors.

      • kakaroet says:

        hey dual why not get a formal domain and stuff and make it a legit website know what I mean we might help with that

  3. Scarecrow says:

    *Arf* (chasing after butterflies)

  4. 이키 says:

    will patiently wait for whatever setsuna chooses to translate.

  5. ser says:

    What about bird-brained people?

  6. Anish Kumar says:

    dont worry we are unsocial monkeys

  7. happinezz001 says:

    well i don’t particularly care what goes first it all good for me i guess thanks for the schedule

  8. dqsang90 says:

    And here I didn’t ever notice that there already is a release day for Madan vol 11. Awesome!

  9. Sittipat says:

    Roger, dualxblades.

  10. RIGHT NOW says:

    Setsuna is the best and most efficient translator i have ever known. ALL HAIL SETSUNA!!!!

  11. monkey boy says:

    I will take no offence to the monkey comment if you throw me a banana

  12. Seear says:

    Dang it, my pet monkey was writing my essay for Lit when he saw this, now he’s sad. 😦

    But since you all do such a great job at translating/ editing these, I can let that slide. 😉

  13. nyancat says:

    i think that most of the old timers readers have plenty of patience, since there were and still are projects that takes a long time to update. been a leech since haruhi, gawd when will i learn jap?!

  14. havensg says:

    thanks for your efforts
    btw how do you know that we are monkeys?

  15. Sad to know that it will be a longer while for Saijaku v3. But oh well, thanks for the notice anyway.

  16. dualxblades says:

    @Kakaroet Will have to consult Setsuna about that, things are fine as they are now. But who knows maybe in the future we will?

  17. Akihara says:

    the order of TL is nice to me since i want to read a LN up to date

  18. Not gonna complain. I like Madan and Saijaku but if Gakusen is top priority then so be it. Because I am going to read Gakusen!

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