Something Nice.

I’ll make this short. I found this relatively new blog that been TLing Chinese light novels, one of them being Zhan Long, which has a webtoon adaption as well. Zhan Long is about Li Xao Yao a security guard who gets a lucky pervert moment; walking into a celebrity in the midst of changing her clothes dubbed “34D Goddess” Later on he gets a job offer from his former superior back in his SWAT Team days… Lol from Swat –> Security Guard. The job is to be the body guard of _____ (you know who) in real life/ a game, I’m pretty sure you can fill in the blank. Anyway the story is set in a game world mostly and has slice of life elements and some hints of romance as well. It’s a nice read each chp is relatively short and the releases are quite fast.

Webtoon Ver.


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  1. Mikss says:

    Zhan long is a very nice wuxia and they have a nice tempo tranlating it, just as first translator did, comic translation is lagging because 3 groups started translating it and the slowest one remained.
    I recommend other comic – wuxia they will soon pick up “Battle through heavens” here is link to first 2 chapters:
    Comic is on

    • NP-3228 says:

      Wouldn’t those genre be Xianxia not wuxia? When fantasy gets mixed in they change to Xianxia, “immortal hero” instead of Wuxia, “martial hero.” Well i kno for sure battle through heavens is Xianxia since the mc ends up using some weird tatoo to fly later which is one of the definitions of immortal hero, flying!

  2. lifeman120 says:

    Sweet, I need more romance novels =D

    Aww Yisssss

    • lifeman120 says:

      BTW this ins’t MTL right? I do not want to read MTL

      • Anono says:

        Someone is trying too take it over with MTL mass translations. Gravity is considering droping but on gravity is a normal (100% not MTL) normal translation.

      • lifeman120 says:

        NOOOO, DEATH TO MTL!!!, if he drops Zhan Long I’m going to cry for a few days in the rain while dramatically screaming in the air

      • Ace says:

        Fret not all Ye lovers of Zhan Long! There is another, who in his courageous efforts, has produced more Zhan Long at a faster pace! Please all ye lovers of ZL check this guy out and give him a try!

        Dis guys is awesome!

      • lifeman120 says:

        @Ace you do realise that Icarus is a MTL and is the reason gravity is considering dropping? MTL isnt translation at all, its like a completely different story

      • Ace says:

        I don’t care. I don’t see why Icarus’ translations are all that bad. Sure he doesn’t have as many details as gravity does, but his translation is just as good. I honestly don’t see why all the hate is directed towards him. If he takes the project that is his decision. He doesn’t have to communicate with other translation sites either. I really don’t see why all the hate is on Icarus and not on gravity for acting like a baby and crying about it.

      • lifeman120 says:

        @Ace if the translation were just as good as real translation why would people even bother translating themselves? but its anyone choice/right to read what they want MLT or not. so lets stop this stuff about Zhan long here since this is not the place to discuss that.

  3. unknown says:

    If you like that you should check out Douluo Dalu it also has a manga or comic (whatever floats your boat) out too. I haven’t seen the manga translated much or maybe just dropped but the novel get translated fast maybe 3-5 day a chapter currently at 62

  4. Anish Kumar says:

    indeed i really liked the chapter thanks for the info

  5. Bloodooper says:

    Zhan Long LN even has an R rated scene.

  6. ratbunuts says:

    Good LN. I like it. Thanks for recommending it

  7. Jean Bryot says:

    Lame, the woman boob is small and lack apearance, potagonis like and idiot old school street fighter movie

  8. moonsaber says:

    I prefer an update on the LN here (be it news, translated/edited chapters, or facts regarding the 3 LNs) rather than some recommendation that doesn’t have anything to do with Setsuna.

    The blog stats already reached 2 million and that’s because of the 3 LNs Setsuna translated here.
    That’s how we liked this site and not some post about something we don’t even know about.
    Especially when the post looked like advertising/publicizing (by giving those 2 links) another site in this blog.
    Please, no more of this. It’s all I (or some followers here) ask.

    • dualxblades says:

      How can there be an update if there is no new news/info? Yes this is an advertisement or preferably a recommendation, I love lights novels, web novels, and other types of literature, is it so wrong to want to show ones that I find are interesting and entertaining to other people? So what if you don’t know about it isn’t that why I made a post about it and gave links to have people find something new and interesting? Setsuna isn’t just about what’s being tled here, it’s about giving people something interesting to read and enjoy, perhaps finding something new, otherwise why would we have a blog roll of other blogs that tled other light novels. If you don’t like that and your too narrow minded and biased to see past just the stuff that is being tled here that fine. Just keep that to yourself and if you look to a past post Setsuna has personally wrote a post about the blog that tls Antimagic. Just be more open about things and don’t worry we will do our best in getting you your fix ofMadan, Saijaku, and Asterisk.

      • moonsaber says:

        I’m sorry if I offended you or anyone on my post. I didn’t mean to do any harm.
        I only wanted to voice out something regarding this matter. I never notice other fan translation sites doing this kind of thing and it seems (on my point of view) unprofessional/offensive to the owner of this site being the translator of 3 great LNs here. I don’t have any objection if it’s Setsuna doing the post since he’s the translator/owner of this site (having the highest rights).
        I also agree that there’s no news or updates, but I would have preferred if the post is related to the LNs here just like your previous posts in this site (like that poll, status updates, etc) to keep the blog clean and organized. On that note, I highly respect you as an editor and moderator of this blog but I would have preferred if you act a bit professional on this regard since you do a great job on the tasks that you’re doing (I read Date A Live, Psycome, Papa no Iukoto, etc.).
        Well, if Setsuna doesn’t have any qualms with other mods posting recommendations (or promoting someone else’s TL work), I don’t mind. I just want to point out that things like these seem offensive to the owner (again, my point of view) but if the owner doesn’t mind, then just ignore everything I said. Lastly, if you do recommend some works though. I would have preferred if you put ‘recommendation’ on the title or something related to it. Titles like ‘something nice’ is pretty misleading to those loyal readers/followers of the site.
        Again, I apologize if I seem offensive to you and thank you for acting like a professional on the replies (others would have bashed/harassed me by now).

      • Fsk says:

        I’m trying to understand what do you mean when you say “unprofessional”. The reason these are called “fan” translations is because they’re done by fans as an hobby, it’s not a job nor do they have any need to be professional about it. And most of all, there’s no rivalry between translators, if anything it’s the exact opposite. It’s not like he said “don’t waste your time here, it’s better if you read something else” so i don’t see why it should be “offensive” to the owner either.

  9. Cameronchilders says:

    Question. When can I get my bahamut. Seriously need

  10. Cameronchilders says:

    Gahhhhhh idk if I can wait that long😭

  11. SilverSakuraBlossom says:

    Thanks Dualxblades for this suggestion it really interesting and short to read.

  12. Tasear says:

    If you haven’t read “coiling dragon” yet.

  13. n30sh4dow says:

    Thank you so much for this.

    Recently, there been a little bit of changes in the comming and goings of TPP that is relavent to translators (Basically allowing translators and librarians to go to jail at a copyright holders whim just for distributing any copyrighted work). Now you can fight the good fight with against this at; however, I think the following links below would help you more:




    P.S. I am also doing this PSA because recent attack on Jn from solitarytranslation.

  14. Daaku says:

    I read all comments and…can’t endure to not to add a link to another awesome novel) It’s called *Coiling Dragon*. it’s Chinese Xianxia (or Wuxia? well I think so)). It’s somewhat similar to Douluo Dalu. There are 200+ translated chapters and…well, you better see it yourselves:

  15. durfotron says:

    Thanks for turning me on to Zhan Long I’m really enjoying it xD

  16. lifeman120 says:

    zhan long wont be dropped untill atleast chapter 284

    • stratosdragon says:

      Well technically goodguyperson will stop translating after they reach the first arc in the series but gravitytranslation will continue translating at least that what I get from the recent post on there site

      • lifeman120 says:

        Well since the other translators didnt say anything about this matter we get atleast 284 chapters, the rest depends in goodguy and other tlers but I doubt they thougt so far ahead, real life is a bitch u know?

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