It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I write here. And for those who may be thought that I died (lol) or I stopped translating, it’s not the case. It’s just that in this period, I just can find even one or tow hours to focus on translating as I’m busy from morning to night and also the week end. But what I’m doing right now, I’ll be done with it at the end of this month; so, I think I’ll resume the translations in June (mid June).

Also, if during this period, there’s someone who wants to help with the translation of Madan (or any other novels on this blog), you can notify me, and I’ll send you the raw texts I’ve already prepared, all ready to be translated.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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21 Responses to It’s been a while

  1. babapo741 says:

    Woah! great to see that you’re doing well (i hope). I don’t know about the others, but this post in itself is enough to make me happy (haha). Be reading your translations soon 😀

  2. Airstrike292 says:

    Hey Setsuna glad to hear your fine mate. I thought something bad must of happened but that’s not the case and I’m glad to see that your all okay. It makes happy that your alright. Hope to read your amazing translations again soon. 😄😭

  3. drake181 says:

    Jesus christ i knew it was something like this hehe thanks for updating

  4. kcz117 says:

    Thank heavens you are alright! I’m freaking ecstatic, been worried as hell. Wish you luck at work and that we’ll be able to see you more often soon.

  5. dragonosman2 says:

    I knew you were most likely just busy, and thank God it was really nothing more than that. Wish to read your translations again soon.

    By the way, I’ll also say this here: Please pick Gakusen up again since nobody else is willing to do so.

  6. ravz says:

    Glad you are alright ….

  7. AbaddontheDevourer says:


  8. DJ says:

    I think we’re all just glad you’re doing good, Setsuna. You’re one of the most active translators out there, so 5 months of silence had us worrying. Happy you’re back!

  9. Jason_Wander says:

    Glad you’re alright. Had us worried you kicked the bucket or got hurt, glad that’s not the case.

  10. João Rosa says:

    Glad you are back, I though you had lost your interest for translating.

  11. mayurijudgement247 says:

    Hey Setsuna86, where have you been a while, Well I’m glad you are doing fine.Well, I’m waiting for your translation of Madan No Ou To Vanadis until done.

  12. roberto says:

    Glad you are fine I thought that you had forgotten your followers, i hope someday you can translate gakusen again, welcome back.

    • dragonosman2 says:

      This is the second time somebody asked about Gakusen here (first was in my comment above). I just hope being pestered to do it by more than one person doesn’t irritate him enough that he won’t do it even if he would have otherwise.

  13. niknasr says:

    Same as others. this post makes me happy..Glad to have you back..

  14. sparhawk6 says:

    I am glad that you are ok and nothing happens to you. Can´t wait for more Madan! 😛

  15. God Ginrai says:

    It’s great to hear from you, setsuna. That puts to rest any fears that something bad happened to you, at least. 😀

    I look forward to when you can get around to continuing your translations. Good luck finding time. 🙂

  16. Arturo says:

    Content d’avoir des nouvelles, je mentirai si je disais ne pas avoir pensé à un moment la possibilité que tau aurais eu un accident.
    Tant mieux !!

  17. Z says:

    YOU ARE ALIVE! THERE IS A GOD! Seriously though dude, it’s so glad to hear that you’re doing okay. Don’t scare us like that again man Hope everything goes well for you though and looking forward to hearing from you more.

  18. Thank God you’re alive! Comeback is real!

  19. Sheltis-kun says:

    Glad to hear you’re back. Was worried, a lot of translators went MIA lately, but thank god you’re safe. RL takes priority, so take your time and start translating again when you feel comfortable enough to take the load. And also, sorry for the late comment.

  20. Raze1313 says:

    HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

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