A pick in Gakusen Vol 6


It’s written: “Ayato…? why are you… ah! Don’t tell me you sneak in my bed at night?”

Nothing particular to say, only that’s for loli fans. Enjoy!!!


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12 Responses to A pick in Gakusen Vol 6

  1. Natsume says:

    ohhh, Thanks for the meal !! πŸ˜€
    Really want to read it !!

  2. anon101 says:

    Can’t… stop… the raging boner…!!

  3. John Co says:

    That high quality image.
    γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™(itadakimasu)
    after 10 mins of staring
    γ”γ‘γγ†γ•γΎγ§γ—γŸ(gochisou sama deshita)

  4. zromeroz says:

    Mmmmm gochihousama deshita

  5. predator says:

    A light snack before the main course(madan no ou to vanadis) where I hope we’ll get to see elizavetta.

  6. deathskiller says:

    freaking lolis lmfao fix your problem anon101,well im also into tht shit so i cnt tlk

  7. yoyo says:

    I can’t wait to read this volume ( volume 6 )

  8. dualxblades says:

    Well prepare yourselves for a long wait after Saijaku which along with Madan I’ll be editing, Setsuna going to take a break until Sept. We don’t want him to burn out, among all the Tlers I worked with/know he has a very good, reliable, and stable tling pace.

  9. Kezzar says:

    Hey, I’m interested in maybe being to help out, i can only speak english.
    So is there any way i could be of assistance??

    • dualxblades says:

      As of now we don’t really need any help appreciate the offer though, Maybe just help spread the word about this blog.

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