Tigre x ???

Mhmmm we need a poll, so here’s one.

For me, I’m shipping Tigre x Vanadis Harem ( just the Vanadis nobody else)

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81 Responses to Tigre x ???

  1. kop says:

    gonna go with harem ending..actually hoping teita became a vanadis somehow…so yeah tigrexvanadis+ teita…never realy liked regin..

    • kop says:

      o and l also wihtout valentina…

      • deathskiller says:

        actually i think he will get all the vandais even valentina i mean he could make her fall for him and i also want teita and reign(i believe tetia will become a vandis though nd kick ass) also lim guys u cant forget her and u now wat mybe he’ll get the godess of death

    • Vanril says:

      I do believe there’s a chance. I’m sort of expecting that Teita would end up being Sasha’s successor, bringing lots of political turmoil with the fact that she’s a citizen of Brune.

  2. Nathan says:

    After re-reading a few romance moments in the novel, I lean more towards Ludmira. That scene when Tigre slept on Ludmira then her sleeping on top of him afterwards was so sweet, I felt I was getting diabetes.

  3. oggeccc says:

    ok, I am just gonna speculate about what will happen in the future of this series, or atleast my guess at what is gonna happen ^^, if u don’t like me doing that, please do remove my comment or something like that.
    Anyways, I think that we are gonna have a Harem end, yes. Mostly because I think Tigre is gonna become king, i.e. take the Vanadis as his wifes, like the first emperor did.
    Although I can not be too sure what is gonna happen with everything else at this moment, like if Brune and zechted is gonna merge? because of tigre that is. Or when Asvarre comes into the picture again, I dont know, maybe we will get to know in like 5 more volumes? if the serie will continue for that long.

    Oh well, whatever…. back to work.

    • dualxblades says:

      Yeh pretty sure people have seen that coming probably what with all the foreshadowing and all.

      • yascob99 says:

        I’m still curious about one thing though what is going to happen with Tigre’s title from the king (lumiere I think) as well as the sword the is on par with the Viralt (might be wrong about that spelling but its the Vanadis’ weapons). I can’t shake the feeling that they both have some connection to Tigre. I am also thinking that it is likely a harem end but there is going to be some sort of twist to do with those things in the future. Also, for the new Vanadis, I think something is going to be very different about this one (ie. someone from Brune or elsewhere like Teita). So I think although it is likely to have a harem end there is going to be some twists that will make it end slightly different than we expect.

      • dualxblades says:

        Ofc there will be twists otherwise story would be bland, anyway the sword thing is unsure for now. Only thing we know about it is it’s Brune version of the Viralt, the Vanadis’ weapons. Tigre’s title on the other hand is one that had exists since ancient times it was given to a great person who later became a King of Brune (the story/origin of the title). The only connection they have with Tigre is the title foreshadows him being King, the sword is just a symbol/weapon of Brune. It will play a part in the next volume, but it’s not that big of a deal people.

      • Sabaddon says:

        What sword are you guys talking about? Durandal?

      • dualxblades says:

        Yes it was mentioned in chp 3 of Vol 9 just now…

    • I am guessing Tigre will become the King of Zchted + Brune + Muozinel + Ansarvarre + Sachstein. That is I think all the countries mentioned in the novel so far. The legends of this countries are very similar to each other with one king surrounded with powerfull subordinates.

  4. Schwarze says:

    Tigre gonna married Regin to become new Brune king, and he will take all of the vanadis as his concubines so he would get the area their governs

  5. Sabaddon says:

    Harem without valentina. Unless he manages to score some serious points with her quickly

    • michaelman90 says:

      Well based on her back story this past chapter, it seems she isn’t evil per se, just overly ambitious and conniving. Characters that believe their goals to be noble enough (in their opinion) to commit the acts they do also tend to be the easier characters to show the error of their ways and redeem. I think it’s possible Tigre and the rest can win her over, but for now everyone is clueless except us so who knows how long it will take to flesh out that story.

      • michaelman90 says:

        Just adding onto what I said, in the possible scenario that Tiger becomes a candidate to become king of Zecht, Valentina being in his harem would achieve her goals and be incentive for her to join his cause. She may be the one who ends up suggesting the possibility herself.

  6. Kuratatsu says:

    No option for Tir Na Fal? Guess I’ll go with Olga then, flat is justice after all.

    • dualxblades says:

      I choose from only believable/possible endings, all these girls listed actually have a chance

      • Kuratatsu says:

        Fair enough, although it could be considered a possible bad ending hehe but I digress, harem ending is the most likely scenario.

  7. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    the 3 guys who voted valentina get out here and silently accept your execution!:P:P

    by the way i go for harem ending…thought i am not sure how will that go..

    i think we will have to wait for the demon war arc to see more clearly(i mean an arc for the battle against the demon…there will propably be one in the future..)

    • Sabaddon says:

      Depends on how well the volumes. Does anyone know when the anime is coming out. If it does well people will be encouraged to read the novels, it’s popularity will increase, and the author will be encouraged to continue guiding Tigre along the harem route

  8. krambharos95 says:

    i think it would be Ellen that has the most chance in this

    • Sabaddon says:

      Maybe it’ll take the campione route. Ellen seizing the number one position and all the other members relegated to lower positions in the harem

      • krambharos95 says:

        that would be awsome

      • trollinthepark says:

        [quote]Maybe it’ll take the campione route. Ellen seizing the number one position and all the other members relegated to lower positions in the harem[/quote] i’ve only got one word for you…

    • Mikistly says:

      Most likely Ellen or Harem route… i aint too fond of either(What? is way too common) but the main heroine is Ellen so daa there is that and with the dragon king back-story and knowing the petty way japanese authors like to do away with their heroines endings, its probably going to be an harem, still either way if he does so (or differently -i hope, that would be refreshing-) without spoiling the ending i’m good with it.

  9. newhope says:

    Pretty sure it’s going to be a king and his harem route, if it was only one woman it’d probably be Ellen.

    It’d be interesting to see if Tigre really is the black dragon if he’ll be able to produce more Vralt for people like Lim.

  10. Kamito says:

    As much as I like the Harem Ending and Ludmira, I think the chemistry between Tigre and Ellen is the best of all, and there are very sweet moments between them. So I’ll go for TigrexEllen !

    Commentaire français au passage pour remercier du travail ! o/

  11. Mikistly says:

    Most likely Ellen or Harem route… i aint too fond of either(What? is way too common) but the main heroine is Ellen so daa there is that and with the dragon king back-story and knowing the petty way japanese authors like to do away with their heroines endings, its probably going to be an harem, still either way if he does so (or differently -i still have hope, it would be refreshing-) without spoiling the ending i’m good with it.

  12. gohanish says:

    umm am i the only one who thinks that he (not might) will die at the end . ofcourse after becoming a harem king .

    • kanel12-2000 man commander says:

      from old age propably…this is not a historical/drama where the mc have to die at the end

      • dualxblades says:

        We probably won’t get that far, I think Madan can go for a long time maybe like 20+ volumes even, if done right. There are a lot of arcs I can think of in the world of Madan like invasions from other countries, obviously more demon arcs or a Demon War arc.

  13. DarkSilverSky says:

    I got two endings in my head: All vanadis or goddess/priestess duo.

    • dualxblades says:

      I really doubt the goddess thing….she just a mysterious benefactor with her own agenda.

      • DarkSilverSky says:

        She doesn’t seem like someone who helps people out of goodwill, maybe she has some hidden agenda? Of course she could be doing it for the lolz but that would be kinda of dissapointing.

      • dualxblades says:

        Read my comment above lol.

  14. renextronex says:

    hi, i think the author will go for the standard ( T.T im so tired of that) if we ( the no standard stuff lovers) get lucky it will be Ellen, though i really like Lim the most of all them but probably not i would have said that she had like… i don’t know something like 5% probabilities to get the spot, but guess that that just crumbled after she doubted about Tigre’s survival -.-

  15. Wilson191 says:

    Probably he’s gonna marry majority of the vanadis and unite zchted together, then marry regin and unite both country.

  16. dualxblades says:

    So atm I’am editing chp 4 of VOL 9 of Madan, Elizavetta my 2nd favorite now, right behind Ellen the feels in this chp. Ellen, then Elizavetta then Ludmira, Lim and Sophia are tied for 3rd imo. Can’t wait to get this chp out to you guys.

    • Kuratatsu says:

      You’re reading as you edit right? lol, I just skipped through since I haven’t even read vol7 yet so there’s no point…I am lazy okay <__>

    • Kuratatsu says:

      Well mainly because Tigre is apart from Ellen & it seemed like a long arc and then now he has amnesia -_- btw it’s 2 am where I’m at, don’t push yourself okay lol but I also prefer reading lns at night ^_^

  17. kanel12-2000 man commander says:

    do we have E.T.A. for the chapter?

    • dualxblades says:

      I would say tmr earliest, latest day after tmr, but man this chp is so good.

      • kanel12-2000 man commander says:

        you realy want me to die dont you?:P

        first you tell me that when the chapter is out i will be camping..and then you tell me its damn good…

        *sighs* never mind do you best to have it tommorow plz:(

      • dualxblades says:

        My part is done, all that left is for tlcing and Setsuna to check over the chp. One of the perks of being the editor is you get to read the chp earlier then everybody else :D. Have fun camping I’m going camping soon too.

      • kanel12-2000 man commander says:

        thank you very much for your efforts!gonna try it downloading it on mobile if its out on bakatsuki by tommorow..

        well if not i am gonna have a snack when i come back::)

  18. h0rizoon says:

    please update soon

  19. Haruki says:

    Hi, thanks for your hard work ! I hope the next chapter will be release soon. The chapter 5 is at 40% since some days, so i hope you’re fine. Good luck !!

    • Sabaddon says:

      It’s at 100% now he probably just forgot to update the page

      • Haruki says:

        Yeah, i saw it ! I hope the translation of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk vol.6 will begin shortly. Thanks Setsuna for the translation !

      • raj says:

        nope I think he didn’t forgot to update it just that he is waiting for getting it TLC by Kuratatsu and edits by Dual Blades. And again nope as mentioned earlier by setsuna translations of Asterik is on hold till completion of V1 of Bahumat.

      • Kuratatsu says:

        Just finished tlcing, it seems like an interesting chapter, I even got to word how round and elastic something was that Urz was holding o.O Anyways I’ll leave the rest to Dual Blades.

      • dualxblades says:

        Yeh here I’am, haven’t been home or have acess to a comp for a few days was busy doing something. Heheheh that something may have involved ripping it down the highway in a Ferrari 599 GTB. Anyway I’ll get to editing now…A Setsuna puts up a draft.

      • Kuratatsu says:

        @Dual Blades, if you need a draft I can email you one, it’s completely unedited though since my pc died again & I had to use ps3 browser to tlc so just ignore the red lines. That or wait for Setsuna I guess.

    • Kuratatsu says:

      …And now it seems BT forums are down, I hope Setsuna got my last few msgs in time…

      • dualxblades says:

        Lol yeh I’ll wait for Setsuna, BT going down way too often, too bad Setsuna doesn’t use IRC. There IRC channel (s) for ppl from BT I use it to contact Krytyk for Antimagic.

  20. Sarksz says:

    Just asking after this setsuna gonna translate “Saijaku Bahamut” first or the new Gakusen volume?

    • setsuna86 says:

      I’m gonna translate Saijaku first.

      • Sabaddon says:

        It said that you would begin translation of saijaku in September. Does this mean you are going to take a break? Cause you honestly deserve one after translating both madan and gakusen back to back and in a timely fashion.

      • setsuna86 says:

        Well, I will take after translating the first volume of Saijaku; since it’s not that long. If I translate 4 to 5 pages per day, I’m sure to finish the first volume’s translation before the 15th August. From I can take a pause until September, and then begin with Gakusen volume 6.

      • John Co says:

        Im gonna miss your translations on your break. You deserve the the vacation and rest well, i wish you good health. And continued translation 🙂

    • Shuu says:

      You will take a break until September ? Too bad i wanted to see what will happen after the ending of the volume 5. I hope someone will post some spoilers.

  21. dualxblades says:

    Status Update: Done Editing now zzzzz…..should be up either tmr or day after tmr hopefully. Last chp of Vol 9, and we are done Madan for now.

  22. Sabaddon says:

    Damn. That ending, such a cliffhanger.

  23. Karasu says:

    Salut, merci pour toutes tes traductions ! Juste un p’tit message français. Bonne chance pour le reste !

  24. WumboCombo says:

    It’s actually unnecessary for Tigre to replace Sasha as a Vanadis, since the 7th Vanadis hasn’t appeared. cough cough*.I voted for the Harem ending. -All Night-

  25. Zessty says:

    As others suggested, a harem ending with TIgre as king doesn’t seem all that unlikely. The thing is, his bow draws power from the Vanadis and, at some point, I expect that he will one day use all 7 Vanadis’ power at once to fire a kamehameha-caliber arrow to destroy some ultimate evil or something. The fact that he can use, and will probably need, the Vanadis’ power and the fact that the only previously known user of the Bow also became king, leads me to think that ending is pretty likely. In addition, instead of going outright with Ellen x Tigre – a ship that should have sailed a while ago now – the author has taken time to let Tigre build up his relationships with 5 Vanadis now. If the remaining two (Valentina + new Twin Blades Vanadis) build up a relationship with him too, then the harem ending is almost assured.

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