It’s me…..Again.

So here’s another status update, Madan No Ou To Vanadis is Setsuna86’s main project and priority. Since Madan Vol 11 came out before Gakusen Vol 7 was done being tled, Setsuna shifted his focus to Tling Madan Vol 11. However this doesn’t mean he has forgotten about Gakusen Vol 7. So here’s how things are going to play out:

  • Madan Vol 11 
  • Rest of Gakusen Vol 7 (The chps already Tled will be released when they’re done edited —Don’t ask me when they will be done, I’m not the one doing them just know they will be done when they will be done.)
  • Saijaku Vol 3 most likely

That’s about it anyway time for me to binge watch the first four episodes of Game Of Thrones Season 5.

And yes I’m a Game Of Throner.

Edited in:

DigitalAK27 (AKA the guy editing Gakusen Vol. 7)

So following up on what dualxblade said, I haven’t been able to get around editing the chapters yet due to RLF problems. I’m moving into a new place with 3 other guys and currently still studying for exams and doing end of the year work for my university, so the chapters are going to be delayed till I finish all those. However I will do my best to put up a couple of chapters before the end of the month.

I will not even play GTA V on the PC until I put up at least one chapter!

I will confess, I did end up playing more than 15 hours within the first 2 days of its release, but I will not touch it again till I get the chapters done.

And yes I’m a PC MASTER RACE.


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Editor at Baka Tsuki, and Setsuna86. Only interested in Light Novels, Manga, and Anime with busty heroines...
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43 Responses to It’s me…..Again.

  1. ;-; says:

    Ok, glad to know schedule. Was wondering what direction this was going to go to

  2. mxmach says:

    That background tho, thanks for continuing on your efforts for translating stories about men and women, and huge breasted women 🙂

    • dualxblades says:

      I don’t tl I just proofread and edit and yeh, reason being why I only do busty is b/c there aren’t any annoying violent unreasonable tsundere busty heroines really. All of those heroines are pettankos and honestly I can’t stand them anymore.

  3. Mark remedios says:

    Thx for the schedule update I especially can’t wait for saijaku

  4. B3 says:

    I wondered, thank you for telling us. and continue the good work

  5. kyosukedei says:

    good to know =)

  6. RazoRSharp says:

    Thank for the Clarification

  7. Cyber says:

    Game of Thrones Banzai!!!!

  8. well thx for the info…. and now i really glad to know schedule 🙂
    and can’t wait for saijaku vol 3 and 4

  9. happinezz001 says:

    yup thanks for the schedule it kinda cools my hype a little because I have been checking this site like 10 times a day or so

  10. MathiasonThe5th says:

    Thanks for the update and the translations! Looking forward to reading Madan Vanadis 11, Gakusen Asterisk 7, and especially Saijaku Bahamut 3. Been real curious how meeting of Vanadis is going to go considering Valentina is probably the only one there who’s only slightly interested in Tigre rather than deeply in love. 😀 Also, how Lux is going to deal with the man-hating, academy’s strongest Drag-Knight Celestia. That and one of the illustrations makes it look like he’s being disguised as a girl at one point. 🙂

  11. gerson says:

    If gakusen is already finished when is done editing would you post it even if you havent finished translating madan no ou ?

  12. daike1234 says:

    well, i’m just glad to know that you guys are still continuing Bahamut,. been waiting it for months lol.
    Just go with your paces, Don’t listen to the guys that want a certain series but can’t wait. they don’t know the hardship of translating.

  13. happinezz001 says:

    hey DigitalAK27 don’t fret about it too much since madan is currently being translated any way so you should just take your time and finish all of your RL problems first

    p.s don’t refrain from playing the games you like even if it’s for something else ignoring the things you like could make you sick

  14. Kuratatsu says:

    None of y’all even praise the sun :v

  15. dualxblades says:

    One interesting fact about me is I edit at night time for projects here at Setsuna86. Usually around 7 pm earliest, mostly I edit around 12 am-5 am. So I praise the moon instead.

  16. Punitto Moe says:

    I came here for Lord of Magic Bullet and Bahamut

  17. Libol says:

    what anime? there was never a madan anime!

  18. Good Guy says:

    AnIme 2nd definition: an animation which can either completely ruin the story or make it better.

  19. Mondlicht says:

    Thank you for the good work =D
    Can’t wait for saijaku vol 3 and 4

  20. rakuraks says:

    i hope you will translate Mahouka koukou no rettousei again TT why must yen press shoul license it??

  21. dualxblades says:

    Have to either wait for them to get there with the official english translation (which will take frigging years even if they do 3 vols a yr it will take aprox. 5 years that half a fucking decade) or somebody keeps translating it somewhere on a blog or something, and hopefully it won’t be DMCA like Solitary was and taken down.

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