Just to confirm once again that Seiken Tsukai’s translation will begin in September. And on the other hand, Rakudai Kishi has also been already taken by a translator on BT. So you don’t need to vote anymore.

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23 Responses to CONFIRMATION

  1. gohanish says:

    well just asking if only if only you could could give mknr a try

    • setsuna86 says:

      there are already many translators on that. Or do you mean to say that they have no time now due to problems with RL?

    • setsuna86 says:

      Anyway, as I said, my limit is tree LN. I can’t do more. So, sorry!

      • gohanish says:

        no its completely fine . its just that mknr is my favorite the novel has been published but the amount of spoilers is too low and only sahsiko is translating . it been a few weeks since dreyakis last appeared . so i was just mentioning so its completely fine. though if you have read it i would be glad if you can provide spoilers . well thanks for all your hard work

    • zerry says:

      why you so greddy,translator have life too and dreyakis translate chinese to english so just wait patient until he start translate.

      • gohanish says:

        umm why are you under that impression or are you one of those people . i did say that i was asking if he could because setsuna86 is one of the ex translators. i do understand what real life truly means and obviously i am not asking him to translate fast or anythin they can do it at their own pace but still mknr is my favorite and the lack of spoilers is killing me . but i’m very satisfied and thankful to all the translators who share it for us . if i crossed the line i apolozise .

  2. does that mean that you will begin translating saijaku bahamut after madan no ou vol 9 that will come out next month?

  3. John Co says:

    Setsuna86 I have to thank you for translating Madan no Ou to Vanadis and Gakusen toshi no asterisk. You are one of the fastest translator I know second only to zzhk. Hope you canfinish the whole novel series in the future. Again thank you very much for you hard work.

  4. Rakin Rahman says:

    Thank You Setsuna!!!!! You already do two of my favourite LNs in Madan and Askterisk and thanks for taking Saijakuas well!!! AlsoIts good to know that two LNs that i was looking forward to in Saijaku and Rakudai will both be translated!!!!!Oh happy day!!!!~ Keep up the great work and greatly appreciate it that you have taken these three projects.

  5. Devilhitmanz says:

    Hi.Do u guys know which blog is translating Rakudai Kishi?
    Thank u
    I love your translation Setsuna86.Keep u the Good Work!!!

  6. rizki says:

    hi can you tell me
    where can i read seiken tsukai?

    • thanatos34th says:

      Also love to know who is translating Seiken Tsukai no World Break

      • Sarksz says:

        If im not wrong there’s still no translation for that series last time setsuna said someone want to take up the series in september but something came up and he cancel the project dont know the detail though lol

  7. So is Seiken going to be after Saijaku, Setsuna-san??

  8. Jason Jusman says:

    i don’t think Setsuna’ll get started with seiken tsukai anytime soon. also, as setsuna has said many times, he can only translate up to 3 series at a time, so unless he drops one of them, then don’t get your hopes up.

  9. EzalorX says:

    I thought seirei sukai no blade dance and world break were the same.

    • dualxblades says:

      Lol no they’re way different, although the art and designs do look a bit similar. To clarify Setsuna is doing another series besides the other 3 that he’s doing. He said that it would only take him like 1 week to tl the first volume, so I’m guessing it’s either a short one or a fairly easy to tl one; it’s a new series. The name of the series is Isekai Musou no Senjutsu.

  10. Jason Jusman says:

    so, one week from now?

    • dualxblades says:

      GTA (vol 6 and 7) then Saijaku (Vol 3-5) then Isekai. Probably Madan vol 11 would have come out by the time GTA is done being tled. As Madan is the main series so probably GTA –> Madan –> Saijaku –> Isekai

  11. Ty for translating Madan no Ou and Seiken Tsukai! will be waiting for them ^^


    Is there any news from this?

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