I have been ntred from Setsuna for another series, I have been recruited by Hachi back on Hachidoritranslations to help edit one of my favorite light novels I’ve been following for a while. This light novel is called Ochitekita Naga to Majo no Kuni or Ochitekita for short. It features a version of Oda Nobunga being transported to another world where there are witches and magic and evil churches trying to kill said witches who really aren’t doing anything bad (so it’s like the churchs be all damn racist and shit and man why are churches always the bad guys in light novels?) Anyway this series has strategy/tactics, war, magic, plot, PLOT*, Op Mc, action and dare I say romance/harem(?). So if you like Madan this series is for you, it’s like another Madan but with witches and more PLOT*.


TL;DR New series for all you Madan Lovers to check out that I’m editing, it has plot, PLOT, strategy, war, action, harem and Op Mc. So what are you waiting for (hehehe I know you’re all waiting for Madan but give this series a read if you like Madan ).



Naga02_004 10 Pubic Hair*/10 Pubic Hair*


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Editor at Baka Tsuki, and Setsuna86. Only interested in Light Novels, Manga, and Anime with busty heroines...
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63 Responses to NTR!!!!!

  1. rizyun says:

    Imma think they also offer some pub** hair…, probably

  2. kcz117 says:

    YES! I’ve read the few translated manga chapters for this and I LOVE it. Might as well follow dualxblades as Madan will take forever to be updated. Man, I didn’t know that this was from a LN, I can’t wait to get right into it. Thanks dualxblades!

  3. devilsadvocate6 says:

    ahahaha…..you have been NTRed, i feel bad for setsuna

  4. Ashmedia says:

    I’m expecting good things young padawan!

  5. All Night says:

    No no. You didn’t get NTR’d dually. You just found a better pair of boobs. Also long time no see.

  6. jorgelotr says:

    Yeah, from what I’ve seen in the few translated manga chapters, it almost looks like a witch’s power is directly proportionally related with her PLOT.

  7. Florencie says:

    Wait, he’s oda nobunga? I always thought he was some random young master they picked off the street. Really?

  8. Personally I liked Madan better, both the story and strategy conveyed in Madan is better than in Ochitekita. Perhaps because aside from the MC, the girls in Ochitekita are described as “doesn’t know at all how on using their own magic other than the conventional ‘attaack!’ move” and the strategy that’s offered by the MC feels cheap. It feels like the girls are dumb and the MC just offering them some common sense in basic strategy, meanwhile in Madan the girls are competent with tactics from the beginning, it’s just that Madan’s MC is even more competent than them.
    Though I get why it can be appealing for Madan fans, since it includes a lot of similar factors.

    • Hachi108 says:

      Their (witches) magic is convenient, but they’re not overpowered or anything. It’s like you have a kalashnikov, but don’t know to to operate it. While we are at it, in Madan it feels more like their (Madan’s girls and the MC) weapons are automatic and act in their stead.
      With all due respect, I think Madan is strategy-wise and PLOT-wise good, but dare to say there’s more strategy and PLOT in Ochitekita than in Madan. XD

      • dragonosman2 says:

        In Madan, the Vanadis do have to activate the power of their Viralt on their own. it’s just that they also have a will of their own and Arifal’s wind occasionally protects its wielder too for example. And it’s the same with the Black Bow, in that Tigre has to be actively using its power of darkness. It does draw power from a Viralt in the vicinity on its own, but apparently that’s only when Tigre needs it.

      • It’s exactly my gripe though, they have the weapons but doesn’t think about using it effectively until MC appears. It’s believable if the story starts at the beginning of the witch war when they’re not accustomed to war, but after years of continuous war and they’re still clueless about it lowers my opinion on the girls.
        LOL yeah I realized that in ochitekita the amount of fanservice is higher than in madan,

  9. kidstandout says:

    the NTR, it hurts lmao.

    yeah i give this one a go.

    • dragonosman2 says:

      The ecchiness in manga/anime/LN refers to “PLOT*”. The lewdness, the eyecandy, the groping, etc. etc.

  10. dragonosman2 says:

    I have a question about this: I’m being made to have second guesses about reading this after finding out that there’s a girl in it that absolutely despises men and wants to kill any she sees, with the MC being the only she’s acknowledged (but only a tiny bit, at that).

  11. God Ginrai says:

    It’s not like the editing is the bottleneck here lately, anyway. Have fun. 🙂

  12. Bran says:

    I tried this series out after learning about it here.

    It really, really needs an editor. As far as the first volume goes, the translation is very rough. There’s neither rhyme nor reason to the tense usage. The dialogues are often long and clunky, which necessitates going over them multiple time to grasp the meaning.

    I am really glad that this is getting a decent editor, as the story seems interesting enough despite all the drawbacks. I hope that you’ll go through the earlier translations if/when you have the time.

    • Hachi108 says:

      Ah, yeah.Thanks for reminding me about that. I’ll make sure that someone (maybe dual) will re-edit where its necessary. It’s just that back then I was still a novice when I translated 1st and 2nd volume, but now, I think my translation has improved a bit if not quite.

  13. A_Freak says:

    whatever the case, congrats and i’m hoping this news doesn’t shift saijaku translation priority

    • dualxblades says:

      It won’t, Saijaku and Ochitekita are tled by different Tlers and on different sites. Plus I’m not the editor for Saijaku anymore DigitalAk is.

      • dragonosman2 says:

        What about Madan’s editing? Who’s going to be doing that?

        And as for Madan and Gakusen, if you’re still doing them, could you please help Setsuna with the spelling of the words? I’ve noticed quite a few mistakes on the updated version. I’ve tried pointing them out a few times, but it wasn’t fixed.

      • dualxblades says:

        I’ll still be doing it, after all Madan not being tled right now. I’m only helping out at Hachi they got other editors there as well.

      • A_Freak says:

        thanks for the info dualxblades

      • goodguy1206 says:

        WA wait…. Saijakubis being translated!? Link pls

      • dragonosman2 says:

        @Goodguy: Setsuna’s still working on Saijaku, too, though. He’ll go back to it after Gakusen, but he’ll also be doing one chapter of Madan and then one Chapter Saijaku, then rinse and repeat.

  14. Well, what makes me so eager to read Madan is no other than Ellen and Tigre Bed scene and confession. However, it looks like still a distant dream…., but as a mere reader I will follow whatever the TL wants~
    *trying to read ochitekita*

    • dragonosman2 says:

      It happens in Volume 13, so you just have to wait until that Volume is translated. But please don’t drop the series after that. It’d be a waste.

  15. A question, as an editor what exactly do you have to do?
    I am asking because for several reasons I have too much free time and I am quite proficient in english after learning it for 5 years in school and I am learning japanese right now as part of my japanogie studies.

  16. hachi108 says:

    This explains why I suddenly received more applications for editors in the past week. Yeah, I’ve been an eye on dual for a while, since he’s been visiting my site regularly. (I know that cause he always give us a like whenever there’s a new update on Ochi XD). So thanks for joining us! Also, I’m not sure if ‘ntr’ is the right term. Maybe ‘cheat/cheated’ would be closer in meaning.

  17. Valkyrious says:

    Nuuu nuuu!! why there are no illustrations GODDAMN IT!!! I want Illustrations TTATT

  18. Kara says:

    Romance? This one has no romance at all, I’ve read ahead so I can guarantee that. It has a Harem premise but there’s no romantic development at all, Probably the Author only put Harem tag to invite those harem readers. BUT If you like action, strategy and war then this is a good read for you…. but If you’re looking for romance then I’m afraid this isn’t for you

    • Hachi108 says:

      Shhhh, there are people who believes there will be, don’t destroy their hopes, man. And btw, look at all those girls craving for the mc, there just bound to be some romance. It’s just that it’s not the right time yet. :p

      • dragonosman2 says:

        I really hope it’s just what you said. I mean, just look at Madan; at first, we also thought there won’t be romance in that series either, but now, look at Volume 13.

  19. Advertising in Setsuna’s website without his consent is normal for you, huh?
    If you are my editor in a translated project spamming those unrelated stuff in my site. I would get mad and annoyed by these stuff
    Editors, like you, are replacable as long anyone with a moderate or good command with the english language can take over. Unless you’re a translator, which you’re not, then you’re not worth it. For 1 translator applicant, there’s at least 50 editor applicants. That’s 50:1. You’re not even a good editor, based on reading Madan to the latest translated volume; too many missed and wrong corrections, description mismatch, run on sentences not corrected, etc. People on baka-tsuki would even further correct your edited work (lol). You also have a negative reputation on baka-tsuki for forcing edits when it’s already correct, missed edits/correction, and editing against the will of the translator (yeah, checked your name there and your history of edits).
    Anyway, My main point is please don’t spam unnecessary stuff in his site, make your own and advertise there for all I care.
    I don’t know it’s been twice or thrice or more that you keep advertising here. If Setsuna agrees to your constant spam then please do ignore my post. If not, then I stand my point. I don’t have any complaint in your edits since people can further edit in in baka-tsuki just don’t mess up Setsuna’s site without his permission. It’s bothering me to see not updates or website related content in here when your advertisement to keep popping up. Respect his site please even if there’s no updates, we can wait. Other editors in other sites don’t do it to their translator’s website, your’re the only one doing these stuff.

    • Hachi108 says:

      I think you’re overreacting, man. I don’t know about Setsuna, but, as for me, I couldn’t care less about that. Actually, there’s one editor in my team who has advertised other project once or twice on my blog too. Also, if other bloggers agree to promote me, I’ll gladly help them back.

  20. Machcia says:

    Will you be translating Meigyoku no Almaine still?

  21. Wandering Jew says:

    Hopefully you guys can upload all the volumes on BT so it can have a “proper” epub version.Seeing as two volumes were already upload there, hopefully the remaining volumes would follow suit.

  22. Wandering Jew says:

    Welp, I just read in the forums that it’s permanently dead. Still, I would like them, if possible of course to upload the volumes in bt.

    • dualxblades says:

      If you have actually read through the forums nobody can reupload them to BT for LEGAL reasons. If you want them ask around this site or go google them.

      • Wandering Jew says:

        Well, I was referring to the WEB page version of the novel not the epub ones. I probably worded it wrongly.

      • Wandering Jew says:

        I was referring to the WEB page volume version and not the epub ones. Sorry for wording it weirdly. I went to the other site and it seems another person is responsible for uploading the volumes (again not the epub ones) to BT.

      • dualxblades says:

        Can you elaborate on this other site, and just to clarify nobody is responsible for uploading vols of series we’re working on to BT (anybody can essentially upload things to BT with an account) Just Setsuna or the editors should be the ones doing it since we’re the ones working on the series lol.

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